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School of Law

Admitted Students

Congratulations on your admission to the University of South Carolina School of Law, and welcome to the Carolina Law community.

We'll be contacting you periodically throughout the summer to bring you information to make your transition to the Law School as smooth as possible. Please be very sure that we have up-to-date contact information on file for you. If your undergraduate email address is expiring soon, please update the Admissions Office with your new address. 



Pre-enrollment requirements, listed below, must be completed before you can be registered for classes the week of July 15. There will be a hold on your record until you have completed all pre-enrollment requirements.

All required documents are due by July 1.

Health & Immunization Forms

Due July 1

All students must have an Immunization Form on file with the Thomson Student Health Center. New USC students will need to submit the form by July 1. If your form has not been received and processed at the time that 1L students are registered for classes the week of July 15, there will be a health center hold on your record and you will not be able to access your preliminary class schedule. 

It can take 7–10 days for the Health Center to process your immunization form, so please get it in as soon as possible. Incoming first-year law students who attended USC as an undergraduate within the last five years may already have this form on file and can call the Immunization Office at 803-777-9511 to ask if a new form will be required.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is available to law students and their dependents under the University's group health insurance plan. Please note that although the University's website says that proof of health insurance is mandatory, that requirement does not apply to law students unless you are employed as graduate assistant in your second or third year. The University's plan is sponsored by AIG. If you are interested in purchasing health insurance or would like more information, please visit AIG's website. Information and premiums for the 2017–2018 academic year will be posted during the summer.

Official Transcript

Due July 1

American Bar Association accreditation standards require that we have an official final transcript showing award of your undergraduate degree, sent directly to the School of Law from the Registrar's Office at your undergraduate institution or from a third-party transcript clearinghouse. You may submit a paper copy of an official transcript, or a certified electronic transcript, but it must come to us directly from the issuing agency. Unofficial transcripts, transcripts issued or emailed to the student, and transcripts that do not show the award of your degree will not satisfy this requirement. The transcript you submitted to LSAC for your CAS report does not satisfy this requirement. If we do not receive your official transcript by July 1, there will be a transcript hold on your record and you will not be able to access your schedule.

Paper copies of transcripts should be mailed to:

University of South Carolina
School of Law
1525 Senate Street, Suite 129
Columbia SC 29208 

Electronic transcripts should be emailed to the School of Law Admissions Office at

If for any reason you are unable to submit a transcript (if, for example, you are finishing your graduation requirements in summer school and will not receive a degree until later in the year) please call Dean Palmer at 803-777-6605 to explain the circumstances. Unless you have been given a waiver, you will not be able to get your class schedule until you have submitted your final transcript.

FAQs About the Transcript Requirement

Do I have to submit a transcript if I went to USC as an undergrad?
Yes. You are the only one who can release a copy of your transcript to us. We cannot access it or request it from the University Registrar's Office.

Can I submit a transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse, or submit an electronic or PDF version of my transcript?
No. It must be an original paper copy with the official seal of your college or university.

I finished undergrad before I applied so my LSAC transcript is complete. Do I still have to send one?
Yes. The transcript LSAC provides to us as part of your CAS report is not an original. The ABA requires that we have an original with the seal on file.


Citizenship Verification

Due July 1

Under South Carolina law, lawful presence in the United States must be verified before enrollment at any public institution of higher education. For that reason, all USC students are required to present proof of citizenship or lawful presence in the U.S. before enrolling. You will have to complete the citizenship verification process by July 1 or there will be a citizenship hold on your record and you will not be able to access your class schedule.

Download Citizenship Verification Form [pdf]

Questions should be directed to the Office of the University Registrar, 803-777-5555.



If you identified yourself as a resident on your admissions application, you must complete the South Carolina Residency Certification process, even if you attended South Carolina as an undergraduate and were classified as an in-state student. Log in to Self Service Carolina, scroll down to the tab for Newly Admitted Students, and click on Access South Carolina Residency Information for forms and instructions. If you identified yourself on your application for admission as a South Carolina resident and have not completed the Residency Certification process and been approved for in-state status at the time tuition bills are generated in July, you will be billed at the full non-resident tuition rate!


Self Service Carolina

The first step in the enrollment process is getting your student account set up on Self Service Carolina. Self Service Carolina (SSC) is where students and faculty go to manage their personal information and perform many common, day-to-day transactions. You will use SSC to register for classes, manage your financial aid information, pay your deposit, and view your class schedule and grades. To sign onto SSC for the first time, you will need your VIP ID, the last four digits of your social security number, and your date of birth. You have been sent your VIP ID in an email from the Admissions Office. If you did not receive that email or have misplaced your VIP ID, call us at 803-777-6605 so that we can provide it to you again. Once you sign onto SSC, you will be prompted to set up a password. When you have set your password, you can return to the Self Service Carolina (SSC) home page to log in.

Not all the tabs on SSC are available to law students. First-year law students are assigned to class sections, so you cannot register for classes. The housing tab applies only to on-campus housing, which few if any law students choose. You will be able to view your schedule later this summer after you are assigned to sections and you have completed all of the pre-enrollment requirements outlined in this email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Under the 'Personal Information' tab on SSC, you can change your mailing address, email address, and other contact information on record with the University of South Carolina. Please be aware that until Orientation the School of Law will continue to use the email address provided on your application for admission. If you change your email address using SSC, it will not change your email address on the admissions office database. You must call us at 803-777-6605 or email us at with your new contact information. Other University offices, including Financial Aid and the Bursar's and Residency Offices, will use your new University of South Carolina email address, so you should follow the instructions on Self Service Carolina to access your University network username and password to set up that account.


Additional Information

Financial Aid

If you are applying for financial aid, including Direct Stafford Student Loans, Direct GradPlus Loans, or private loans, and you have not already completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), please do it now!

FAFSA Website

Designate the University of South Carolina as a recipient of your Student Aid Report (SAR). The FAFSA Code for USC is 003448.

If you have already submitted your FAFSA, you can check the status of your financial aid application through Self Service Carolina. If you are selected for Federal Verification, the Financial Aid Office will notify you of any additional documentation you need to submit via an e-mail to your USC e-mail account.

If you were awarded a scholarship and do not yet see it posted on Self Service Carolina, please do not worry. Individual scholarships have to be designated as coming from particular funds, and because these funds have different criteria, it may take several weeks after the confirmation deposit deadline to get each student's award allocated to the right fund. Then, the Financial Aid Office has to post the awards, and only then can the Bursar's Office apply the award to your student account where you can see it.

Students who were USC undergraduates

If you have any outstanding parking fines or other financial obligations to the University, now is the time to clear those up! The Bursar's Office will put a hold on your law school registration if you owe money to the University.


Access the Law Class of 2020 "roommates wanted" list, find University and community resources for the housing search, and join the Law Class of 2020 Facebook group.

Housing Information »


Incoming students can purchase parking permits online or at the University's Office of Parking Services in the Pendleton Street Garage, at the corner of Pickens and Pendleton Streets, Monday–Friday, 8:00–5:00. The parking services website has rules, maps, and permit prices. Students also will be able to purchase permits online later in the summer. There is a regular shuttle service to the law school from garages and from parking lots. USC is a downtown campus, and parking is often tight, so plan accordingly!

Enrollment Certification Letters

If you need a letter verifying your intention to enroll in August, please contact the Admissions Office at 803-777-6605. We can provide you with a letter stating that you have been offered admission, have paid all required deposits, and are expected to enroll as a full-time student in the School of Law in August 2017. For most purposes, such as continuing coverage under a parent's health insurance policy or to document enrollment for an outside scholarship, this letter is sufficient. For student loan deferrals or other programs for which official enrollment certification is required, you will need to wait until mid-August, and then you can request an enrollment certification from the University Registrar. Neither the law school Registrar's Office nor the Admissions Office can issue an enrollment certification for student loan deferrals.


Orientation will be held August 17-22, 2017. Attendance at orientation is required.  Learn more and download the schedule.