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Beverly Baliko, PhD, RN

Associate Professor
College of Nursing

Phone: 803-777-2292
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College of Nursing
University of South Carolina
1601 Greene Street, Room 517
Columbia, SC 29208-4001 
United States 



Dr. Baliko received a BA in English at USC in 1979, followed by an associates degree in Nursing at Midlands Technical College. She received a BSN at the Medical University of South Carolina in 1995, and a masters degree in Nursing Administration in 1997. In 2005, she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, with a PhD in Nursing, and a post-masters certificate in psychiatric-mental health nursing. 


Dr. Baliko has taught psychiatric mental health nursing since 2000, in associate degree, diploma, and baccalaureate programs. She has taught undergraduate evidence-based practice and policy and politics. She has taught graduate level psychiatric mental health nursing and advanced nursing leadership in the DNP program. Dr. Baliko has also chaired several DNP project committees and has been a member of numerous other DNP and PhD committees.

Research (Concept Areas)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Violence and Victimization

Dr. Baliko’s primary research interests involve the consequences of trauma and violence and mental health interventions following traumatic loss or interpersonal violence. She has conducted studies describing the experiences of family survivors of homicide, coping strategies of women survivors of life-threatening intimate partner violence (IPV), and has been a facilitator in the pilot of a retreat intervention for survivors of traumatic loss. She was a member of an interdisciplinary research team with a funded study exploring the use of linked multi-agency administrative data sets to profile women victims of IPV-related homicide. Dr. Baliko is currently pursuing funding to investigate the association between traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and other psychosocial issues in survivors of intimate partner violence.


Dr. Baliko has presented research findings at local, regional, national, and international venues, including USC CON Research Day (2006), the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Annual Convention (2006, 2009), the Southern Nurses Research Society Annual Conference (2007, 2009), Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Research Congress (2008), and the International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses (2009). 

Professional Service

Dr. Baliko is a member of several nursing organizations including:
· American Nurses’ Association/ South Carolina Nurses’ Association
· Sigma Theta Tau – Alpha Xi chapter
· American Psychiatric Nurses Association
· International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses
· Southern Nursing Research Society
· Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science

Professional Practice

Prior to teaching, Dr. Baliko practiced psychiatric mental health nursing for 15 years, working as a charge nurse and nurse manager in adult, adolescent, and child/adolescent residential settings

Research Studies (Selected)

Project Title: Intimate Partner-Related Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Abused Women. University of South Carolina Clinical Incentive Grant – $15,000.  2011-2013. PI.

Project Title: A Population-Based Study of Intimate Partner Homicides in South Carolina.  University of South Carolina Research Opportunity Program - $16,026. 2008-2010. Co-PI.

Project Title: TOZI© Healing Retreat – Intervention for Homicide Survivors. Pilot Study.       
Internally funded, Gamma Omega Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau and Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing – Department of Integrative Systems. 2007. Co-PI and retreat facilitator.

Project Title: Perceptions and Experiences of Women Survivors of Life-Threatening
Interpersonal Violence. $10,000. NINR-The Center for Health Promotion and Risk Reduction in Special Populations. University of South Carolina College of Nursing. 2007-2008. Principal Investigator.

Project Title: A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of Loss by Homicide. Dissertation research funded by Stokes Doctoral Fellowship, 2001-2005. Inez Tuck, RN, dissertation chair.

Publications (Selected)

Book chapters:

Baliko, B., Boyd, M.R., & Burgess, S. (December, 2011). Nursing Care of Survivors of Violence and Abuse. In M.A. Boyd (Ed.) Psychiatric nursing: Contemporary practice, 5th Ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins. (Peer Reviewed).

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Refereed publications:

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