The University of South Carolina's brand personality is our unique blend of traits that makes us who we are and tell our audiences what we aspire to be. It articulates our values and aspirations.

All university marketing messages and communications activities should be based on this platform so that messaging to audiences is consistent and, over time, has a greater cumulative impact. Inconsistent and competing messages not grounded in the brand platform weaken the impact of university communications efforts.

Intention: What we exist to do

The University of South Carolina delivers leaders — cutting-edge thinkers and practical problem solvers. We build healthier and more educated communities.

Benefit: Why it matters

To make a positive impact on those we serve, the University of South Carolina is:

  • Committed: We are committed to developing the leaders who are discovering solutions to some of today's most challenging problems.
  • Welcoming: USC is a vibrant, welcoming community where people genuinely care and are devoted to civility and respect for all people.
  • Transformational: USC is transforming our state and nation, building healthier, more educated communities through a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research.
  • Accessible: USC provides access to higher education throughout the state with eight
    dynamic campuses and a wide array of distance learning opportunities.

Value: What the brand will stand for over time

We are guided by this operating principle:
The University of South Carolina inspires a way of better life. We prepare the nation's future leaders.

Personality and Stance: The face we show the world

The University of South Carolina is::

  • Ambitious: We set high standards for ourselves and for those who join us in our quest to build healthier and more educated communities.
  • Confident: We are sure of our abilities to be a force for positive change and we develop leaders in our faculty, students and alumni who value diversity and teamwork.
  • Successful: We continue to expand on our tradition of scholarship and leadership to create new generations of bold thinkers and committed problem solvers.
  • Genuine: We are a welcoming community that put our ethics into practice by displaying personal integrity and respect for others.
  • Vibrant: We have an undeniable spirit and a boundless energy that grows from our thirst for knowledge and our commitment to improve our way of life.
IMC draft platform

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