Brand ambassadors

As members of the USC family, we all must learn to understand, communicate and live our brand. Through this commitment to living our brand, we become the embodiment of our core values and in effect, brand ambassadors.

Shifts like these do not happen overnight. They take time. But, as we continue to grow in our roles as brand ambassadors it is helpful to recognize how each of our audience groups can become brand ambassadors, too.

We want faculty and staff to:

  • Become brand champions
  • Become storytellers
  • Promote USC's accomplishments

We want students to:

  • Promote the USC brand with friends and family
  • Become a USC storyteller in social media
  • Become engaged in on- and off-campus projects and events

We want alumni to:

  • Understand USC's value to the state, nation and world
  • Lend their passion and commitment to USC
  • Assist USC offices for career services
  • Be inspired to donate to the university
  • Encourage high school students to apply to the university
  • Advocate for USC with their federal, state and local elected officials

We want prospective students to:

  • Understand the value of a USC education
  • Recognize USC for its extensive leadership initiatives and community engagement opportunities
  • Understand "USC Connect"
  • Be inspired by the USC brand and apply for admission
  • Promote the USC brand among friends and family members

We want USC parents to:

  • Promote the USC brand with friends and family members
  • Gain understanding about how to talk about USC's values and accomplishments
  • Promote these in social media
  • Provide necessary support to their children
  • Support USC financially through a donor gift
  • Become a University advocate with the legislature

We want community members to:

  • Understand the university's contributions to solving problems in the community and the state
  • Understand how the university leads to a better way of life and contributes to economic prosperity locally, regionally and statewide
  • Understand how university research makes South Carolina more competitive nationally and globally
  • Promote the USC brand to others in the community
  • Become an advocate for USC with the legislature

We want legislators to:

  • Support funding for the university
  • Protect lottery funds for college scholarships
  • Fund programs at USC that enhance the quality of life for all residents of the Palmetto State
  • Engage with USC in projects that promote the economic prosperity of the state
  • Collaborate with USC in solving problems
  • Rely on USC staff and faculty experts for creative research solutions

We want South Carolina business leaders to:

  • Understand USC's value as a problem solver
  • Promote the USC brand in professional and social activities
  • Assist USC offices for career services through student internships
  • Encourage prospective students to apply to the university
  • See USC graduates as qualified and prepared as leaders
  • Use USC faculty and staff as consultants
  • Be willing to partner with the university
  • Collaborate with USC in community engagement projects
  • Become a University advocate with the legislature
  • Partner with the university in research, commercialization and economic development projects