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Institute for Clean Water


The mission of the Institute for Clean Water is to research the scientific and socioeconomic aspects of water quality and use our findings to help solve current and emerging challenges to sustained sources of clean water. Our research efforts target water for consumption and recreational use.

Part of The Research Institutes Funding Program 

Funding for this interdisciplinary research institute was generously provided by the USC Office of the President and Office of the Vice President for Research.

The Research Institutes Funding Program has the potential to bring great work already being done to the next level. In order to pursue large, high-impact awards more aggressively, we must create incentives for investigators to collaborate and work toward common research goals. This program provides that incentive.

Julius Fridriksson, USC Vice President for Research
Head shot of Julius Fridriksson, USC Vice President for Research

The Importance of the Institutes to USC

The Research Institutes Funding Program was offered as a competitive one-time funding opportunity in 2023 to support promising interdisciplinary research with the potential to enhance the lives of South Carolinians.

USC research is committed to supporting the health, wellbeing and prosperity of our neighbors throughout the Palmetto State. To do this, USC’s world-class faculty join forces—and perspectives—bringing their unique expertise to bear on complex issues that demand comprehensive responses.

USC has the state’s most extensive slate of academic disciplines, making our faculty a powerhouse of interdisciplinary research excellence. The Research Institutes Funding Program aims to harness this deep well of knowledge, skills and talent to both address pressing issues affecting our state and develop our faculty’s interdisciplinary research networks to grow their impact.

More About The Research Institutes Funding Program

Institute for Clean Water

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