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Institute for Clean Water

Goals and Progress

The institute has devised overarching objectives and year-by-year goals to guide and measure the progress of its research projects and overall vision.

The Institute's Research Goals

Research Terminology: Identify the major water quality issues facing South Carolinians and how they vary regionally, seasonally and annually

Research Terminology: Develop biological and chemical sensors for improved and more efficient water quality monitoring

Research Terminology: Identify and quantify new and emerging threats to water quality and their potential biological impacts with a view towards developing better mitigation and management strategies with stakeholders

Research Terminology: Probe deeper into the social and economic dimensions of water quality with research to quantify the importance of clean water to South Carolina residents and visitors, the thresholds that define willingness to tolerate poor water quality and the behaviors that result in response to scientific evidence and perception of risk


Year-by-Year Research Plan

The Institute for Clean Water has outlined the following yearly research goals and timeline predictions against which to measure progress and outcomes of the work.

  • Identify relevant data sources to represent water quality drivers and direct contributors or proxies for water quality contributors
  • Sample water quality in first identified lake system
  • Design/modify and validate geospatial data pre-processing approaches
  • Sample water quality in second identified lake system
  • Implement data processing approaches to create the live geospatial data for statewide analysis of water quality drivers and correlates
  • Sample water quality in third identified lake system
  • Analyze the correlation between historic/observed water quality and potential causal factors
  • Sample water quality in fourth identified lake system

Real-World Applications and Uses

A major focus of the institute is to produce tangible, real-world applications of our research that benefit the state of South Carolina—its citizens, businesses and visitors.

Institute for Clean Water

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