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McNair Institute for Entrepreneurism and Free Enterprise

  • Students participate in a design thinking workshop


Set yourself up for success. Dig into the foundations of entrepreneurism and learn how to apply them in your major. Connect with mentors and peers outside the classroom and explore your options to grow.

Benefits of Being a McNair Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is a lifelong learning journey. We'll help you get started.

Now is the perfect time to identify and refine your unique entrepreneurial strengths, cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and develop your business and innovation acumen.

Learning entrepreneurial skills will set you apart in the workplace, regardless of your major or interest in launching your own company.

Think about

  • entrepreneurial educators who create cutting-edge programs to better serve students
  • nurses who invent new devices to improve patient care
  • communications professionals who use AI and blockchain technology to boost customer relationships.

The possibilities are limitless! Discover how entrepreneurial skills can create new opportunities for you. 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Living and Learning Community

The entrepreneurship and innovation community located in East Quad offers on-site faculty and staff advisors, linked entrepreneurship and UNIV 101 courses and curated programs for aspiring student entrepreneurs like you. This exclusive 200-member community primarily serves freshmen and sophomores.

As a resident, you'll meet entrepreneurs, get a leg up on career preparation, check out the inside scoop on entering business plan competitions, watch movies and more! Have fun while you connect with students who share your passion for innovation.  Learn more and apply »

The entrepreneurship and free enterprise course was the most daring class I had at UofSC. Dr. Brown uses innovative teaching that enhanced learning real-world entrepreneurship. I loved being able to connect with actual entrepreneurs in the community!​

— Janay Vacharasin, Ph.D. student in neurobiology 

Entrepreneurship Courses

Ramp up your entrepreneurship knowledge by taking an entrepreneurship class. Courses are offered in all undergraduate colleges, from music to engineering and global studies to nursing.

Reserve your space in a special section of U101 just for entrepreneurs, or consider the popular ENTR 201 intro course taught by McNair faculty director Dirk Brown.

We've identified courses across campus that can help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Explore your options, then talk to your advisor about classes that may be right for you.

ECON 224: Introduction to Economics
ECON 303: The International Economy (prereq: ECON 224)
ECON 311: Issues in Economics (prereq: ECON 221 and 222 or ECON 224)
ECON 321: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (prereq: ECON 221 and ECON 222, or ECON 224, MATH 122 or MATH 141)
ECON 503: International Trade Economics (prereq: ECON 321)
ECON 504: International Monetary Economics (prereq: ECON 322)
ECON 505: International Developmental Economics (prereq: ECON 221 and ECON 222, or ECON 224)
ECON 506: Labor Economics and Labor Markets (prereq: ECON 221 and ECON 222, or ECON 224; ECON 321)
ECON 508: Law and Economics (prereq: ECON 221 and ECON 222, or ECON 224)
ECON 531: Health Economics (prereq: ECON 221 and ECON 222, or ECON 224)

ENGL 468: Digital Writing

ENTR 201: Intro Entrepreneurship
ENTR 301: Financial Basics
ENTR 401: Applied Entrepreneurship.
ENTR 501: Independent Study in Entrepreneurship

ENVR 231: Introduction to Sustainability Management and Leadership
ENVR 331: Integrating Sustainability
ENVR 531: Sustainability Management and Leadership Strategies

GEOG 569: International Development and the Environment

IBUS 301: Introduction to International Business (prereq: MKTG 350 and FINA 363)
IBUS 402: International Marketing (prereq: MKTG 350)
IBUS 424: Importing and Exporting (prereq: IBUS 310)
IBUS 429: Comparative Innovation Systems (prereq: IBUS 310) 

ITEC 242: Business Communications (prereq: C or better in both ENGL 101 and ENGL 102)

JOUR 202: Principles of Advertising and Brand Communications
JOUR 331: Social Media Marketing Strategy (prereq: C or better in all of the following JOUR 291; JOUR 201 or JOUR 202)
JOUR 333: Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations (prereq: JOUR 291)
JOUR 348: Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
JOUR 440: Leadership and Internal Relations Management (prereq: C or better in JOUR 201)
JOUR 451: Freelancing for Creative Professionals
JOUR 499: Creative Problem Solving
JOUR 521: Interactive Communications Strategies (prereq: JOUR 202 or MKTG 350)
JOUR 533: Public Relations Management (prereq: JOUR 201, 436, and senior standing)

MGMT 371: Principles of Management
MGMT 374: Strategic Human Resource Management (prereq: MGMT 371)
MGMT 376: Employee Engagement (prereq: MGMT 371)
MGMT 401: Negotiation and Conflict in the Workplace (prereq: MGMT 371)
MGMT 402: Managing Teams in the Workplace (prereq: MGMT 371)
MGMT 403: Leadership in Organizations (prereq: MGMT 371)
MGMT 406: International Human Resource Management (prereq: MGMT 374)
MGMT 474: Executing Strategy in New Ventures (prereq: MGMT 472 and 473)
MGMT 479: Advanced Issues in Entrepreneurship (prereq: MGMT 472 and 473)

MKTG 350: Principles of Marketing (prereq: ECON 221, ECON 222, ACCT 225, ACCT 226 for Business Administration majors; ECON 224 and ACCT 222 for non-Business Administration majors)=
MKTG 351: Consumer Behavior (prereq: C or better in MKTG 350)
MKTG 352: Principles of Marketing Research (prereq: MKTG 350, MGSC 291)
MKTG 445: Sales Strategy (prereq: MKTG 350)
MKTG 448: Pricing Strategy and Analytics (prereq: B+ or better in MGSC 291.)
MKTG 457: Personal Selling and Sales Management (prereq: MKTG 350)
MKTG 460: Product and Brand Management (prereq: C or better in MKTG 350)

MUSC 590: Seminar in Music Entrepreneurship

PCAM 205: Foundations of Leadership

PHIL 324: Business Ethics

POLI 215: Introduction to Leadership Studies

SPTE 380: Sport and Entertainment Marketing (prereq: MKTG 350)
SPTE 440: Sport and Entertainment Business and Finance (prereq: FINA 363 or FINA 333)
SPTE 444: Sport and Entertainment Event Management (prereq: SPTE 380, SPTE 440)

Entrepreneurship Degree Programs

Learn entrepreneurial skills on the side, or make them a key part of your formal studies. The University of South Carolina offers three degree programs for entrepreneurs:

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.