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Community Engagement

The Engagement Process

Community engagement connects partners inside and outside the university who can help each other achieve common goals. But how do we connect? How do we define our goals and measure our impact? Start here with the process.

Define Your Need 

The process usually begins when an organization outside the university defines a need within their larger community. Community needs may range from educational issues, such as a need to create better after-school tutoring programs for at-risk youth, to logistical issues, such as a need for volunteers to run a community food drive. The process can also begin within the university when a faculty member defines a need to apply research or teaching concepts to a community issue. When you are ready to share your idea, contact us.


Set Your Goals

Once you have defined your idea and determined your need to engage in a community-related activity, it's time to set your goals for the project. Your goals will help you measure the success of your project and help keep both partners working toward common objectives. Goal setting is a critical part of the planning stage, so consider what you want to accomplish and contact us


Make the Connection

The University of South Carolina is committed serving the needs of our local, state and global communities by applying the resources of our faculty, staff and students to solve problems and improve lives. The Office of Community Engagement works with university and community partners to form connections that are mutually beneficial to both groups. Contact us to learn more.


Document Your Engagement

University faculty and student leaders work with the Office of Community Engagement to share the plans and results of their engagement activities. They can explore the community engagement database to review the work done by their colleagues, gaining insight about successful partnerships and new ideas and sharing resources and information.



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