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Green Quad

Home to Students from Diverse Academic Backgrounds

Green Quad is the perfect place for students in ANY major at the University of South Carolina.

The Green Quad Experience

Any student with an interest in sustainability and the environment is welcome! If you want to learn a more about emerging green technologies and sustainable practices, we are the right place for you! The future of agriculture? Changing governmental and business policies? Cutting-edge transportation technology? New ultra-efficient building practices? Green Quad is all about sustainability!

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Fundamental science can lead to world-changing breakthroughs. LEDs. Fertilizer production. Genetic therapies. What's next? Come explore the future of sustainability at Green Quad!

Business and Political Science

As we transition to a sustainable economy we will face many new challenges. What policies are most effective? What business practices make sense? Come and learn about the pressing issues with the Green Quad!

Engineering and Computing

So many technical challenges are on the horizon. Can we automate food production? Can we store energy at grid-scale economically? Come find out about emerging sustainable technologies in Green Quad!

Environmental Science and Marine Science

Caring for our planet requires we understand the impact we have on ecosystems. What can we do to minimize our impact? Come work toward a sustainable future in Green Quad!


Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.