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Rhodos Fellows


Rhodos Fellows is a specialized living and learning community at the University of South Carolina tailored to students who are passionate in designing creative solutions to captivating challenges.

Our Mission

The Rhodos Fellows program is a next generation living learning community for students interested in professional pathways related to information, design, and computing. Rhodos welcomes every student with the curiosity and desire to be a maker—someone who creates something new in the world. Students come together to participate in interdisciplinary projects and events, connect with faculty and national leaders, and use the Rhodos Makerspace to bring creative technology innovations to reality. 


Key Pillars of our Mission:

We encourage students to embark on a journey of continuous discovery. Through hands-on projects, engaging workshops, and thought-provoking discussions, we inspire curiosity and promote active exploration of the ever-evolving realms of information, design, and computing. 

We believe that breakthrough innovation occurs at the convergence of diverse disciplines. Our community provides a platform for students from various backgrounds to come together, share their expertise, and co-create innovative solutions that address complex challenges in today's digital landscape. 

We emphasize the importance of design thinking and user-centered approaches. By incorporating human-centric design principles, students learn to craft solutions that not only harness technological prowess but also enhance user experiences and make a positive impact on society. 

Collaboration is at the heart of our community. We cultivate an environment where students, faculty, and industry experts collaborate seamlessly. Through team projects, mentorship programs, and networking events, we empower students to build lasting connections and learn from diverse perspectives. 

We recognize the profound influence of technology on society. With this awareness, we instill a strong sense of ethical responsibility in our students. By exploring the ethical dimensions of information and computing, we empower our members to create technologies that uphold societal values and contribute to the common good. 

Beyond technical skills, we prioritize personal growth and leadership development. Through self-reflection, goal setting, and experiential learning, we equip students with the tools to become adaptable, resilient, and empathetic leaders in the fast-paced world of information, design, and computing. 

In essence, our living learning community is a launchpad for the next generation of innovators who will shape the digital landscape. We are committed to nurturing their passions, honing their skills, and preparing them to drive positive change in a rapidly evolving technological world. 



The values of your living learning community, as stated in the provided statement, are as follows: 

This value emphasizes the importance of being inquisitive, seeking knowledge, and maintaining a genuine interest in understanding the world around you. It suggests that members of the community are at their best when they approach life with a sense of wonder and a desire to learn and explore. 

This value encourages thinking outside the box and being innovative. It suggests that your community values creativity, originality, and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking and approaches. Members are encouraged to embrace new and unconventional ways of approaching problems and situations.

This value promotes a culture of sharing and collaboration. It suggests that members are at their best when they freely share their thoughts, insights, and ideas with one another. This sense of openness and willingness to contribute helps foster a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment.

This value emphasizes being mindful and aware of one's actions, behaviors, and impact on others. It suggests that members should be considerate of how their presence and actions affect the community and the individuals within it. This could involve being respectful, empathetic, and responsible in interactions.

This value underscores the importance of being forward-thinking and innovative in setting goals and making plans. It suggests that members should aspire to be trailblazers, taking the lead in exploring new ideas, projects, and initiatives. This value encourages a proactive and visionary approach to shaping the community's future. 

Overall, these values paint a picture of a living learning community that values intellectual curiosity, creativity, collaboration, mindfulness, and a pioneering spirit. Members are encouraged to be active participants in shaping their community's culture and contributing to its growth and development 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.