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Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Interim Actions

Interim actions can be taken when there is a reasonable belief, based on the information available at the time, that a student or student organization poses a threat to health, safety, or property. Under these circumstances, the OSC may create a separation between the student/student organization and the university until the time in which both the student/student organization and the university can gather additional information to make a final determination in a conduct hearing.  A final decision, which may reinstate the student or result in more on-going separation statuses, will be made during a Conduct Administrative Conference/Hearing.  Every effort will be made to conduct the hearing within the shortest amount of time possible in order to both reduce the stress of displacement on the student while preserving due process and fairness.  Interim actions for student organizations do not affect housing or academic progress, so will not result in the same need to expedite. 

Possible Interim Actions include, but are not limited to,

Students on interim suspension must leave campus or any other university property immediately and may not return until the case has been resolved, or for an in-person conduct meeting or hearing. Students on interim suspension may not attend class, reside in or visit a residence hall, or participate in university activities during the interim suspension.  Students who return to campus without prior, written authorization from law enforcement or the Office of Student Conduct may be arrested for trespassing.

Students on interim suspension are not permitted to be walk-ins in the OSC without a preapproved appointment.   

Exceptions for presence on campus are only for physical and mental health care in one of the university’s health care facilities with prior permission. Other specific details of interim suspension can be found in the letter sent from the OSC to the students’ university email address.

Students removed from University Housing facilities (including the Greek Village, 650 Lincoln Street, Park Place Apartments, Saga, and others) on an interim basis will be allotted a specified amount of time to pack items from their residence hall room that will sustain them (for typically one to two weeks) and be required to find an off-campus option to reside in during the interim period.  Their room will remain assigned to them since there has not yet been a hearing.  Students may contact residence life if a need arises to retrieve more items from their room, however this requires an escort, should allow at least 24 hours notice and may be based on staff or police availability. 

Limitations may be made to a student’s ability to maintain a leadership position, to represent the university, to have access to certain buildings and/or services, to participate in a specific organization, or to attend specific events. In rare circumstances, students may have the opportunity have to fulfill certain conditions in order to regain privilegesStudents with interim limitations of privileges may still attend class and may still live in a residence hall.  

Students on interim restriction may be permitted to attend class and be on university premises 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after their registered courses.  Access to university sponsored events and or presence in university facilities is restricted. 

During an interim suspension the organization must cease all organizational activities and vacate any assigned university space immediately.  Organizational restrictions to events or facilities are specific to the alleged violation and preclude access. 

Violating an Interim Action

Violations of interim actions may result in a minimum of an immediate one-year suspension as well as other disciplinary action.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

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