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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Transfer Credits from Other Schools

Generally for transfer credit, USC will accept all non-remedial coursework taken at regionally-accredited institutions. You can find more information on how your transfer courses will be evaluated, as well a link to existing transfer equivalencies, on the Registrar's Office website.

Transferring Credits from Other South Carolina Institutions

If you attend another public college or university in South Carolina, you can also use the University Registrar's course equivalency table to see how your classes may transfer to USC. You must apply and be admitted to USC before an official review of your transfer credits occurs. Some classes may not transfer to USC or be applicable to your degree program.

How to Use the Table 

To confirm USC-approved course equivalencies on our Course Equivalency Table, select USC Columbia/Regional Campuses from the drop down menu and then select your institution. Next, find the subject code and course number for the course you would like to confirm. The table will list your course on the left side of the table, and its USC equivalency courses on the right.

Use this information to work with your advisor and choose the best fit for your degree plan. If you do not see the course you are looking for, please complete our Course Evaluation Request Form.

Check equivalencies using the Course Equivalency Table »