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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

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Majors & Degrees

USC is all about options. Maybe you’ve already chosen your major, or maybe you’re still searching. Either way, more than 350 unique degree options will give you the opportunity to explore your interests and create your future. 

Explore USC Majors

Learn more about majors and degree programs at USC. 

Majors & Degrees

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Areas of Academic Interest

Once you know your interest path, start exploring USC majors within that area of interest. 

Students in arts & entertainment majors discover new ways to inspire and excite others both on stage and behind the scenes. Some majors include art studio, dance, media studies and sport and entertainment management.

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Majors in business allow students to foster their creative problem solving skills and entrepreneurial spirit. Examples include international business, finance, accounting, hospitality and tourism management, marketing, operations and supply chain management.

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Students in communications majors learn the essence of storytelling and sharing information with others. Examples include advertising, mass communications, public relations and visual communications.

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Education majors lead the way in shaping future generations. Ranging from early childhood education to secondary education and special education, students can major in almost every aspect of the education field.

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Majors in engineering design and construct solutions to real-world problems ranging from infrastructure to power and energy systems. Examples include aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

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Students interested in health sciences majors develop their passion for caring for others through real-world experiences in medical practices and groundbreaking research.  Examples include exercise science, nursing and public health.

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Opportunities for humanities majors range from language and culture immersion to delving into historical events that have shaped the world into what it is today. Examples include African American studies, classics, German and history.

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Majors in the sciences make discoveries in a broad range of areas, ranging from the microscopic level to the vastness of space. Examples include biology, chemistry, environmental science and physics.

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Students interested in the social sciences seek to understand the behavior of individuals and society and develop policies to advocate for communities. Examples include anthropology, criminal justice and criminology, political science and psychology.

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Students in technology majors use groundbreaking resources to develop and improve technological advances in fields like health care, security and beyond. Some majors include cardiovascular technology, cyber intelligence and integrated information technology (computing).

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