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My USC Salkehatchie


USC Salkehatchie Academic Advisors  meet with students during office hours or by appointment to help with selection of classes and with questions about degree requirements. All students can contact the Admissions Office in Allendale or the Main Office in Walterboro to make an advisement appointment.  You may also contact one of the advisors directly to make the appointment.

General Advisement

Advisor Email Phone
Jane Brewer

(803) 300-1579

Melissa Tomlinson Hooks

(843) 782-8659
(803) 812-7358

 John Peek

(843) 782-8667 

(803) 812-7386

 Latoya Robinson

(843) 782-8654

(803) 812-7377

 Bryan Lai

(843) 782-8611

(803) 812-7346

 Fidele Ngwane 

(843) 782-8649

(803) 812-7392

Carmela Gottesman 

(843) 782-8622

(803) 812-7340


Please work through your coach for advisement appointments unless you are in one of the majors below.



Advisor Email Phone
 Dr. Eran Kilpatrick

(843) 782-8666

(803) 812-7432



Advisor Email Phone
Dr. Patricia Fears



Advisor Email Phone
April Cone  ((843) 782-8670
April Williams (803) 812-7435

Palmetto College


Advisor Email Phone
Melissa Tomlinson Hooks (843) 782-8659
(803) 812-7358