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Drug and Alcohol Awareness

The relationship of a university to its students is one which has as one of its basic purposes the creation of an environment conducive to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. A portion of this relationship involves the interaction between the student’s personal welfare and academic achievement. Since there are numerous means by which the use and abuse of drugs may adversely affect this relationship, it is incumbent upon the University to issue to all members of its community a clear statement of its policy concerning drugs. The University’s primary obligation in dealing with the drug problem is to educate the academic community. A full and comprehensive educational program should be offered including formal and informal courses, lectures and discussions which cover drugs and drug problems. It is considered most important that students also receive up-to-date and accurate information about drug laws and medical findings. The University should also conduct research and offer its expertise as a public service in drug matters. Another responsibility is to promote an atmosphere where students who have a problem with drug abuse can feel free to seek help. Students must feel that they can obtain help without fear of legal reprisal and to accomplish this, the University will consider situations where a student initiates the contact as completely confidential. In accordance with state law, students may now receive counseling and advice, legally sanctioned as confidential, from the Counseling Office. The University must maintain its primary function as a center of learning. At the same time, it must be clear that local, state, and federal laws apply equally on campus as well as off campus.


Alcohol Policy

  1. It is the policy of this campus of the University of South Carolina that alcohol (beer, wine, distilled spirits) will not be included in any student activity, i.e., club events, student government activities, or athletics and field events, whether on or off the immediate campus. 
  2. Beer or wine or distilled spirits may not be carried in a state vehicle. 
  3. Special events that relate to the greater community such as luncheons, support gatherings, theater events, shall be exempt from the above listed policies upon the approval of the dean of the campus. However, monitoring of those attending who drink must be assured to make sure all South Carolina state laws are followed. No one under the age of 21 shall be served alcohol at any event. For special events, those beverages included may not be sold; however, a contribution may be taken at the point of delivery.

Read the university alcohol policy.

 “University property” includes all buildings, facilities, grounds and spaces leased, owned or controlled by the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie campus, whether or not signs are posted. This includes, but is not limited to, buildings on university-owned land, offices, classrooms, laboratories, elevators, stairwells, walkways, decks, restrooms, sidewalks, parking areas/lots, meeting rooms, hallways, outdoor passageways and entrances, lobbies, common areas and athletic venues.