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    Dual Enrollment & Early College FAQ

    We have assembled the most commonly asked questions about our Dual Enrollment and Early College programs here at USC Sumter. The rules for enrolling in these programs change regularly and we keep our answers updated based on state and university requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Enrollment and Early College at USC Sumter

    A 3.0 GPA on college prep courses and one of the following: 900 on the SAT/PSAT or 19 on the ACT.

    Early College is an elite program for a select group of 50 students per year. Students need a minimum of a 3.0 GPA on college prep courses and a 900 SAT/PSAT or 19 ACT to apply. These scores do not guarantee admission into the program.

    Students must enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours (two courses) per semester to qualify for LTAP.

    For Dual Enrollment and off-site Early College: You follow the USC Sumter calendar for semester start date, semester end date, and final exam period. All calendar dates in between the start date and end date revert to the appropriate district calendar.

    For Early College at USC Sumter: You follow the USC Sumter calendar. Be mindful of important dates such as holidays, exams and Spring Break. Most school districts follow a different academic calendar.

    USC Sumter closing schedule will follow that of the county. You will also receive an email notification.

    Contact the institution(s) you are considering and ask about their dual enrollment transfer credit policies. All courses will transfer to USC Columbia.

    Yes. You need to test again to receive your best possible score required for the college or university you are planning to attend after USC Sumter.

    Professors will state specific attendance policies for each course in the syllabus.

    The course syllabus specifically states that professor’s grading policy. Note that no two policies will necessarily be the same.

    Only letter grades are required for USC Sumter. Numerical and letter grades will be provided to each high school at the end of each semester for report cards, GPA and class rank purposes.

    Early College / Dual Enrollment student must have a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) agreement on file. All names of persons given permission to share any information with must be on their agreement. Without a FERPA, it is illegal for any faculty or staff of USC Sumter to discuss any information about that student.

    Any student, even under the age of 18, that enrolls in a college course is legally covered under FERPA.

    If you have been accepted into the Early College or Dual Enrollment program and have your VIP ID, you can go to the Claiming ID's and Passwords page and start setting up all of your student information.

    Are you an early college senior?

    It's time to create a plan for the next phase of your college career. We have prepared some options for you below:

    Stay local and pursue a bachelor's degree through USC Palmetto College

    Next steps:
    > Review the available programs through Palmetto College
    > Identify application deadlines and requirements (these vary by degree).
    > Apply as an incoming Freshman for Fall 2021.
    > Submit all required documents for admission and financial aid.

    Important notes:
    > Depending on which program you pursue, your degree will be granted by USC Columbia, Aiken, Beaufort, or Upstate.
    > You will have access to USC Sumter resources while you pursue your degree through Palmetto College on our campus, online or in a blended format.

    Pursue a bachelor's degree with USC Aiken, Beaufort, Upstate or Columbia

    Next steps:
    > Review the freshman admissions criteria for the campus and degree program you are interested in and retake the ACT or SAT (if necessary).
    > Identify their application deadlines.
    > Apply for admission as an incoming freshman.
    > Submit all required documents for admission and financial aid.

    Important notes:
    > Pay close attention to the admission criteria as the requirements can differ by campus and program. Tuition costs can also differ by campus.
    > USC Aiken currently offers a B.A. in Business Administration on our (Sumter) campus, which you can apply to as an incoming freshman.

    Point of contact:
    The admissions office at the campus(es) you are considering.

    Pursue a bachelor's degree at an institution outside the USC system

    Next steps:
    > Review the Freshman admissions criteria for each college you are considering.
    > Identify their application deadlines.
    > Apply for admission as an incoming Freshman.
    > Submit all required documents for admission and financial aid.

    Important notes:
    > For out-of-state colleges, you may not qualify for the same type of in-state scholarships you would be eligible to receive at a college or university in South Carolina (e.g., LIFE Scholarship, Lottery Tuition Assistance). Tuition rates may be higher as well.
    > Each college will evaluate and award credit for your USC Sumter classes based on their institutional policies.

    Point of contact:
    The admissions office at the institution(s) you are considering.