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USC Sumter reopened for in-person classes on August 20, 2020. Face coverings are required on-campus and social distancing is encouraged among members of the campus community. The semester will be offered in an accelerated format, with in-person instruction ending on Nov. 24. In addition, classes will be held on many traditional holidays and breaks to allow for the semester to end earlier than usual. Classes will be held remotely on General Election Day (Nov. 3), Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Fall break will also be cancelled with face-to-face instruction being held on Oct. 15-16. Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

USC Sumter Scholars

The USC Sumter Scholars program rewards academic excellence by awarding up to two years of free tuition to USC Sumter* to the top 25% of South Carolina high school seniors. 

How To Qualify

1. Qualify for South Carolina in-state residency - You must meet South Carolina residency requirements or qualify for in-state tuition.

2. Apply and be accepted to USC Sumter - You must meet the USC Sumter admissions requirements, apply and be accepted to USC Sumter.

3. Complete & submit your USC Sumter Scholar Acceptance Statement - You must complete, sign and submit your acceptance statement to the USC Sumter Financial Aid Office.

4. Apply for Financial Aid - Complete the FAFSA at FAFSA.GOV and select USC Sumter as your designated school (school code 003426).

5. Enroll as a full-time freshman in the upcoming semester - Enroll in the fall semester following your high school graduation and maintain full time status per LIFE scholarship requirements.

* The USC Sumter Scholars Program only applies to USC Sumter courses. Courses taken through other campuses will not be covered.


Quick Facts

  • USC Sumter Scholars is a tuition waiver program.
  • It is only applicable toward USC Sumter courses.
  • It is not transferable to another USC campus or school.
  • It is only available to incoming freshmen right out of high school.
  • It will pay for tuition and fees only, it does not cover books.
  • Important note: All LIFE Scholarships, Pell Grants, Private Scholarships, and Institutional Scholarships offered to you must be accepted prior to your USC Sumter Scholars award.