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Administrative Employees Club

Employee of the Year

Each spring current AEC members have the opportunity to nominate another current AEC member for recognition as the AEC Employee of the Year. Award recipients are members who are active in both the AEC and UofSC communities.  

Award Recipients

AEC Year Name Dept. at Time of Award
2017-2018 Pamela Osman  HRSM
2014-2015 Venis Manigo Purchasing
2013-2014 Ken Corbett Business Affairs
2012-2013 Emily Davis Distributed Learning
2011-2012 Becky Greer College of Education
2010-2011 Venessa Samuel Bursar's Office
2009-2010 Stephanie Lockhart Controller's Office
2008-2009 Kelley Fink Housing Office
2005-2006 Pat Lardner Controller's Office
2004-2005 Glenn Smith Distance Education
2003-2004 DyAnne Dunham School of Medicine
2002-2003 Cynthia Steele Housing
2001-2002 Pam Cope Payroll
2000-2001 Chris Maw School of Medicine
1999-2000 John Campbell Controller's Office
1998-1999 Bobby Baker Purchasing - Central Supply
1997-1998 Terry Chapman Payroll
1996-1997 Ken Corbett Business and Finance
1995-1996 Bob Harman Housing
1994-1995 Virginia Smith Baruch Institute
1993-1994 Sherrie Cook Controller's Office
1993-1994 John Duffy Regional Campuses
1992-1993 Barbara F. Clark Human Resources
1992-1993 James A. Lewis Facilities Management
1991-1992 Jeffery G. Cargile Human Resources
1990-1991 Margie Freeland Registrar's Office
1990-1991 Richard C. Mims General Studies (HRTM)
1989-1990 Marian F. Reeves Continuing Education - Evening PGM
1988-1989 Mary Evelyn Oltman Financial Services/Athletic Dept.
1988-1989 Carl B. Stokes Law Enforcement and Safety
1987-1988 R. W. "Pete" Denton Business and Finance
1987-1988 Emily D. White Athletic Department
1986-1987 Ann C. Menger Purchasing
1986-1987 Howard L. Rhodes Registrar's Office
1985-1986 Lucy T. Lawhead Registrar's Office
1985-1986 John F. Wood Controller's Office
1984-1985 Debbie H. Brumbaugh Moore School of Business
1984-1985 Linda M. Griffith Law Enforcement and Safety
1983-1984 James P. Cooper Facilities Management
1983-1984 Furman L. Edmonds Controller's Office
1982-1983 Charles E. Davis Chemistry
1982-1983 Diane K. Sanderson Registrar's Office
1981-1982 Ray E. Sanders Facilities Management
1981-1982 Harry E. "Sid" Varney General Studies (HRTM)
1980-1981 Bettye W. Dudley Baruch Institute
1979-1980 T. Luther Gunter Registrar's Office

Administrative Employees Club

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