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Baruch Institute

  • Building on Columbia Campus

Columbia Campus Facilities

Facilities on the university's main campus in Columbia include the institute's headquarters, research laboratories, a marine culture and aquarium laboratory, the Geographic Information Processing Lab (GIP Lab) and a video conference room.

Marine Culture and Aquarium Laboratory

The 1,400 sq ft. Marine Culture and Aquarium Laboratory (MCAL) is easily customized to fit various experimental designs for animal, algal, and microorganism research. It is outfitted with Living Streams, aquariums, and environmental chambers (both walk-in and reach- in), and is plumbed with natural seawater (transported from the marine lab in Georgetown) via dual 2,500 gallon tanks.

The lab is also plumbed with tap water and RO/DI water. This laboratory is operated on a cost-recovery basis and fees are accessed for consumables, equipment use, and staff support. See the MCAL Fee schedule [PDF] for cost information. 

To apply for space, equipment and/or seawater, contact Annie Wade at 843-904-9024 or

Geographic Information Processing Lab

The Geographic Information Processing Lab (GIP Lab) supports research that explores the increasingly important roles technology plays in monitoring, assessing, modeling and managing our environmental resources and associated health issues. Learn more about the Geographic Information Processing Lab.

Video Conference Room

To schedule the video conference room, view this Google Calendar and ensure that the room does not have an event scheduled in the time you need. Then email to request the room.

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