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Department of English Language and Literature


Susan Vanderborg

Title: Associate Professor
Department: English Language and Literature
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-576-5905
Office: HUO 521
Resources: English Language and Literature


PhD, Stanford University, 1996

Areas of Specialization 

   • Contemporary Experimental Poetry
   • Artists' Books
   • Interactive Fiction and Hypertext Poetry
   • Science Fiction
   • Bio Poetry

Recently Taught Courses 

SCHC 353. “Textual Chimeras.” 
ENGL 286. “Introduction to Poetry.” 
SHCH 353. “Transformations of the Book.” 
English 386. "Impossible Cities: Architectures of Postmodernism." 
English 722. “American Poetry since 1900: Collage and Montage”  
English 426. “American Poetry and Ideas of the Human.”
English 101. “Monsters.”
English 285. “American Cyborgs.”

Current Research Projects 

I am working on an essay on Porpentine’s interactive poem All Your Time-Tossed Selves and a conference paper, “Political Remediations of the Book in Interactive Fiction: Emily Short and Liza Daly’s First Draft of the Revolution.”

Selected Publications 

   “‘I Tell You I Know Nothing’: Redefining Accessibility in Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón’s The Torture Report. INKS, the Journal of the Comics Studies Society 5.3 (Fall 2021): 302-324.
   “‘I Still Want All the Bits of You’: Margaret Rhee’s Robot Love Lyrics.” Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 30.2 (2019): 198-218. 
   “Transgenic Poetry: Loss, Noise and the Province of Parasites.” Postmodern Culture 26.3 (Spring 2016). 
   “‘The Closure Had to Open’: Book Politics and Poetics in Fiona Templeton’s Cells of Release.” Mimeo Mimeo 9 (April 2014): 5-35.
   “Transformations of the Poetry Book as General Economy: Darren Wershler-Henry’s the tapeworm foundry.” Contemporary Literature 52.1 (Spring 2011): 146-174.
   “Of ‘men and mutations’: The Art of Reproductions in Flatland.” The Journal of Artists’ Books 24 (Fall 2008): 4-11.
   “Gendering ‘Otherspace’: The ‘Martian Ty/opography’ of Johanna Drucker and Brad Freeman.” Science Fiction Studies 35 (March 2008): 88-104.
   “‘None of Racter’s Dubious Innocence.’” ABR 35.2 (January/February 2014): 7. 

Recent Presentations 

   “Sun Yung Shin’s Nonhuman Poetry in Unbearable Splendor.” Presented at the American Literature Association Symposium on American Poetry, D.C., February 2020. 
   “‘In the Beginning the Wound Is Invisible’: The Graphic Documents of Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón.” Presented at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Arts of the Present, Maryland, October 2019.
   “Inventing a Women’s Language: The Poetic Crises of Láadan.” Presented at the annual convention of the Modern Language Association, New York, January 2018.
   “Radiant Inverse of the Visible”: Viral Communications in Andrew Joron’s Science Fiction.” Presented at the National Poetry Foundation conference on Poetry of the 1990s at the University of Orono, Maine, June 2017.
   “The Nonhuman in Experimental Ecopoetry.” Presented at the annual convention of the Modern Language Association, Philadelphia, January 2017. 
   “Contagions: The Language Virus and Species Extinctions in William S. Burroughs’s Ghost of Chance.” Presented at the October 2016 Meeting of the Society for Comparative Literature and the Arts, University of South Carolina, Columbia. 
   “Textual Instability and the Observer Effect in Andrew Plotkin’s Shade.” Presented at the SUNY Buffalo conference “Poetics: the Next 25 Years,” April 2016.
   “Unsustainable Consumption and Public Spaces in Tom Phillips’s A Humument.” Presented at the 7th annual Association for the Study of Arts of the Present at Greenville, September 2015. 
   “Inventing and Destroying Languages: Steve McCaffery’s Post-Semiotic Poetries.” Presented at the Modern Language Association convention, Vancouver, January 2015.
   “Middle Passages: From ‘Cacophony’ to ‘Contamination’ in M. NoubeSe Philip’s Zong!” Presented at the annual Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900, University of Louisville, February 2014.   

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