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What if black holes... weren't holes after all?

Seminal research by Prof. Pawel Mazur on gravitational condensate stars - "gravastars"- highlighted in Huff-Po article.

In 2001  Dr. Pawel Mazur and his colleague Dr. Eric Mottola of Los Alamos National Lab developed a new theory to explain the complex physics of black holes in a way that wrestled with the famous "information paradox" and reconciles the general relativistic and quantum effects at the edge of the black hole.  This theory provides a completely new picture for the structure of these enigmatic objects, with repulsive dark energy in the interior supporting an actual physical surface instead of an invisible and intangible event horizon.  In this article by computational biologist Elena E. Giorgi, the author revisits the gravastar model and speculates on prospects for testing their theory with gravitational wave data. 

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