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Faculty Submission Form

Before Submitting

  • Priority is being given to those teaching PMBA courses due to the nature of program delivery
  • You will be contacted within two business days of submission
    • We may have questions for you; you will be asked to provide alt text for any figures/tables that are inserted as graphics (JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, etc.) if we are unable to recreate them
    • We will give you an estimated date of completion
  • Only one course may be submitted per form
    • Please upload all documents for the course listed on the form -- please note that Formstack only allows one document to be uploaded at a time, meaning a Zip file will need to be used. If you need help, please contact Laney Grubbs.
    • Please upload documents in a Zip file or provide a link to a file sharing platform such as DropBox or Google Docs where we can download the files. If you don't use a file sharing platform, please use  It's free and will allow you to upload multiple files.
  • Due to the volume of requests received and the time that is needed to process individual requests, it may take a minimum of two weeks to process your materials. Your digital accessibility liaison will keep you updated if more time is needed.

  • Once your files have been made compliant, it is up to YOU, the faculty member, to maintain digital compliancy. This means that as you alter/add to documents each semester, you will be responsible for making certain the additions are compliant (e.g., if you add new slides to a PowerPoint deck).
    • Note: If you create brand new documents that have not already gone through accessibility review and correction, you may submit the new files for compliancy work.
    • We will continue to offer training to faculty, staff and all students. Dates can be found on the Moore School's Digital Accessibility Page. There are also training videos available on this page.

If you have questions, please email Laney Grubbs.

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