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Registration information for undergraduate Moore School students

General undergraduate registration is underway. Moore School students will want to keep these troubleshooting tips in mind: 

  • On (NOT schedule planner), you will want to click on the hyperlinked course title for each section, and then select Course Information OR Restrictions to see why you are not able to register for a particular course. If you get an error when trying to register for a section/course, write down the error message (i.e., "field of study," "classification") and course/section number so your advisor can assist you. An advisor cannot assist without that information.
  • If you need your major/minor coded to register for a class or an increase in your max number of credits for the fall, please email your advisor directly with the necessary information.
  • **MGMT 371 and MKTG 350 have sections specifically for business and non-business majors. Business majors cannot take non-business sections and vice versa.**
    • MGMT 371: Business sections 001, 003, J10 ; Non-Business sections 002, 004, 005
    • MKTG 350: Business section 001; Non-Business sections 002, 003, 005, 007
  • Business courses are restricted to business students only until Friday, Nov. 19. Beginning on Friday, Nov. 19, minors and other majors who need a course for degree completion may sign up for specific courses/sections. 
  • Business courses currently restricted (list not all-inclusive):
    • FINA 341 – restricted to RISK majors until Nov. 19
    • FINA 365 – section 008 is restricted to FINA scholars only
    • FINA 366 – restricted to RE majors until Nov. 19
    • FINA 367 – restricted to RE majors until Nov. 19
    • FINA 443 – restricted to RISK majors until Nov. 19
    • FINA 444 – restricted to RISK majors until Nov. 19
    • FINA 464 – restricted to FINA majors and BUSINESS ANALYTICS until Nov. 19
    • FINA 467 – restricted to RE majors until Nov. 19
    • FINA 472 – by application and instructor permission only; please contact Professor Kim at
    • FINA 490 – section 801 and 850 are restricted to FINA Scholars only
    • IBUS 401 – sections 001, 002, 003, and 005 are BA majors only. Section 004 is for IB majors only
    • IBUS 402 – sections 001 and 002 are BA majors only. Section 003 is for IB majors only
    • MGMT 425 – restricted to MGMT majors only until Nov. 19
    • MGMT 472, 473, 474, & 479 – restricted to MGMT majors only until Nov. 19
    • MGMT 478 – section 013 is open to students for case competition only. You must email your advisor for permission to enroll in this section
    • MGSC 486 – open to Business Analytics students on Nov. 19
    • MKTG 453 – Marketing Scholars course, by application only. Contact Professor Newsome ( should you have any questions. Check your email for a copy of the application or contact your advisor.
  • The MGSC 495 and MGSC 497 application process is conducted with the MGSC-OSC Department.
    • Register for BADM 399-007 as a placeholder course for the Spring 2022 term
    • Application information will be sent out only to students registered for BADM 399-007 
  • For any seat requests for Economics courses – please contact Kathy Anastes at
  • “P” sections of courses are intended for Palmetto College students only. As a business student, you are not permitted to register for these sections. 
  • Business advisors cannot help you with registration into non-business courses. You must contact those departments individually. Some colleges may hold their courses to majors only until a certain time. Minors can sign up after majors. Some of those colleges/majors include HRTM, JOUR, POLI, PSYC and SPTE. 

Seat Request Link: If you would like to request a seat in a Moore School course, please use the “seat request” link at This is not an override form, and it is important to continue to monitor for open sections of the class or alternative courses.

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