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Surrounded by support

PMBA student ambassador Sarah Sawvell discusses the support she received in the program that helped her overcome challenges.

Aaaand that's a wrap, PMBA cohort! Some of us just finished our very first semester. For others, graduation is right around the corner, and we’ll start new jobs, careers or other life adventures. Wherever you are in your graduate school journey, there are some common traits among our PMBA cohort that I wanted to reiterate and share along with a personal and professional story.  

Whether you are early in your career, the middle or a seasoned professional, at some point, we will all face a challenge or project we are not sure how to approach, discuss or present in a meaningful way to stakeholders. Early this spring at a PMBA ambassador event, I encountered such a challenge in my professional life and was casually talking to the group about what I was trying to accomplish and how I was struggling.

By the end of the event, faculty members and my fellow PMBA students had connected me with other students who had experience in this area, emailed resources with a possible approach and models to get me started and even followed up many weeks after the event to see how it was moving along. The first stage of the initiative was extremely successful, and I look forward to seeing the results of this long-term project in the future. The successful outcome related to the first stage of the initiative is directly correlated to the PMBA community that surrounds and supports me (and each one of us) every day, both within and outside of the classroom.

Although it takes courage and vulnerability to ask for advice from others when you do not have all the answers, there is no safer place to think about and solve these problems than at the Moore School. As we move into the summer sessions and vacations, I hope you will consider this message as you engage and interact with one another. You are surrounded by a talented, collaborative and connected cohort of students and faculty who stand ready to support you and see you succeed.

Have a great summer!

Forever to thee,

-Sarah Sawvell, ‘23 Professional MBA
Global eDiscovery Program Manager - Litigation Center of Excellence for Honeywell
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