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Tips for "midlife" studies

I’ve just reached the 1½-year mark in the PMBA program. I’ve hit it — my “midlife” studies. I’m in my mid-40s now, too, so I’m also facing my midlife crisis. If you don’t know what the “midlife” studies are, then you either just started the PMBA program, or unlike me, you’re about to finish your degree.

 If you have yet to experience the “midlife” studies, then you’re in for a *treat* when it happens. It’s when school starts to be a bit of a drag. You start reminiscing about your life before the program: going out with friends, spending time with family, being able to enjoy a good book (that’s not a textbook), working out, watching TV or just being content having nothing to do with time on your hands. Now that you are in the PMBA program, you’re walking in my shoes. Work, classes, homework and — for many of you — family is all that you have time for. You miss your old lifestyle as much as I do, and the desire to procrastinate is more tempting than ever. 

What to do? How do you overcome the temptation to slack off? First, remember you’re not alone. There are others in your class in the same boat — who are feeling the same pressure. I have even met some single parents in the program whom I call “Super Beast Warriors!” Second, attend class at one of the telepresence sites and get to know some of your peers. Create study groups and hang out. Networking is one of the most valuable aspects of the PMBA program, so take advantage of every opportunity. Reach out to Quinn Jacob, PMBA academic student services manager, other PMBA staff or your student ambassador. We are here for you! Maybe even take a summer or fall half-semester off for a recharge (you have six years to finish). My secret is this: I have an awesome group of friends in my cohort, and I guarantee you I wouldn’t be able to survive this program without them. You all know who you are!

Best of luck in your PMBA journey,
Tim Cuzmar, ’23 Professional MBA expected graduation
Project manager for Kyndryl
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