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The Cancer Prevention and Control Program

Administrative Core


The Administrative Core (AC) of the SCCDCN II is compromised of the Principal Investigator, Dr. James R. Hebert, the Project Coordinator, Mrs. Ruby Drayton, the management team, comprised of the core leaders and pilot project leader, and the community advisory group. The Administrative Core provides the administrative support to allow the remainder of the cores and their leadership to function diligently.

The Purpose:

The AC exists to advance the mission of the South Carolina Cancer Disparities Community Network in addressing its overarching goal of contributing materially to discovery, development, delivery, and dissemination of innovations aimed at reducing cancer disparities.

The Goals:

The AC aims to contribute to the networks mission by:

  • Providing the administrative support for the core to move swiftly and without distraction in their missions.

  • Encouraging discoveries that identify which biomedical and behavioral procedures are most likely to prevent and control cancer in high-risk African-American communities in South Carolina

  • Promoting an environment conducive to developing and testing interventions that are likely to reduce cancer incidence, downstage disease at time of diagnosis, increase longevity, and improve quality of life

  • Supporting a cadre of competent CBPR-oriented faculty and other academic/community partners who can engage in research across the entire continuum, deliver interventions shown to be effective to places of greatest receptivity and public health need, and evaluate programs with both scientific rigor and cultural sensitivity

  • Disseminating results from successful interventions to high-risk communities in South Carolina and to work with national partners to determine and distinguish universal elements that will work many places from those that are more place- and culture-specific

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