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The Cancer Prevention and Control Program

Community Outreach Core


The Community Outreach Core is a partnership of the State Baptist Young Woman’s Auxiliary of the Woman’s Baptist Education and Missionary Convention of South Carolina, Insights Consulting, Inc., Clemson University, and the University of South Carolina.

The Purpose:

The primary focus of the Community Outreach Core of the South Carolina Cancer Disparities Community Network-II is to reduce cancer health disparities and to prevent and eliminate suffering due to cancer among African-Americans in South Carolina. Our team works together with community partners using a community-based participatory approach.

The Community Outreach Core team hopes to help communities meet their needs that address factors related to cancer and cancer health disparities. Furthermore, the Community Outreach Core believes that the health of many citizens in South Carolina is compromised and lost due to the many barriers associated with accessing and utilizing needed health care. It is the belief of the Community Outreach Core that communities can improve how they motivate, assist, and facilitate community members’ access to health resources, health information, and health programs.

The Goals:

The goals of the Community Outreach Core are to discover, implement, and evaluate quality cancer educational programs and activities in partnership with the community to reduce cancer health disparities and improve community health.

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