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Can I be in Capstone Scholars and the Honors College?

Yes and No. The Capstone Scholars Program and the Honors College are two separate entities, each with their own unique set of opportunities. Incoming freshmen cannot be in both programs. However, once a Capstone Scholars completes at least one semester at the University, he/she may apply to transfer into the Honors College and thus be both a Capstone Scholar and Honors College student. For more information about the Honors College, visit their website at schc.sc.edu.

What is the difference between Capstone Scholars and the Honors College?

Both the Capstone Scholars Program and the Honors College offer different benefits to their students. The Capstone Scholars Program is a two-year educational enrichment program with opportunities in and out of the classroom. Capstone Scholars take a limited number of classes together and have the opportunity to participate in numerous out-of-class activities. The South Carolina Honors College gives a four-year experience with an extensive selection of honors courses and the opportunity to graduate with honors from the South Carolina Honors College. The Capstone Scholars Program and the Honors College both encourage students to participate in undergraduate research. In the Honors College, this research can lead to an honors thesis. Students in both programs have access to a wide array of campus offices. The Honors College offers the Baccalaureus Artium et Scientiae degree that allows students to construct a degree program tailored to their specific interests. Admission to the Honors College is more competitive than admission to the Capstone Scholars.

What are the criteria for invitation to the Capstone Scholars Program?

All students applying to USC by the Undergraduate Admissions December 1 deadline are considered for invitation into the Capstone Scholars Program. Criteria is based on SAT/ACT scores and high school GPA and is subject to change. Students admitted into the program for fall 2012 presented very competitive high school grade point averages along with average standardized test scores of 1324 (SAT critical reading and math sections) and 30 (ACT composite).

I have been invited to be a Capstone Scholar. How do I make sure I am in the program?

In order formally accept your invitation to the Capstone Scholars Program you simply need to pay your enrollment deposit by May 1 on Self Service Carolina. You will also need to complete your University Housing application and list the Capstone Scholars Learning Community as your first housing choice.

How much scholarship money do I get for being a Capstone Scholar?

To receive an invitation to the Capstone Scholars program, students must first be eligible to receive a university scholarship. The value of university scholarships vary and further information can be found here: www.sc.edu/financialaid/academic.html. Out-of-state students receiving a university scholarship will qualify for reduced tuition rates. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more information: www.sc.edu/admissions.

What are the benefits of living in Capstone?

Capstone is a suite-style residence hall with rooms slightly larger than those of typical freshmen residential centers. Capstone has classrooms used for Capstone Scholars University 101 sections and special events. Capstone House also has a dining hall on the ground floor for added convenience.

How do I make sure that I am housed with the Capstone Scholars?

On your housing application, select Capstone Scholars Learning Community as the first choice. Make sure to submit the housing application by the May 1 deadline.

Do I have to room with a Capstone Scholar?

First priority to live in Capstone is given to Capstone Scholars with a Capstone Scholar roommate. Capstone Scholars with non-Capstone Scholar roommates will likely be place on "Capstone Scholars" floors in Columbia Hall. For any questions concerning housing, please contact University Housing at 803-777-4283.