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Capstone Scholars Fellows

The Capstone Scholars Fellows initiative was created in 2008 to recognize students who have gone above and beyond in the Capstone Scholars Program by the end of their second year. Capstone Scholars Fellows are rewarded with a high honor and special designation on their transcript.

Benefits to becoming a Capstone Fellow include:

  • Notation on college transcript of Fellow status (exclusive to Capstone)
  • Expanded professional network
  • Eligibility to apply for a Passport Travel Grant if you have not done so before
  • Eligibility to apply for a Magellan Apprentice Research Grant and/or a second grant
  • Eligibility to apply for the Experiential Education Grant to fund an internship
  • Capstone Scholars Fellows Honors Stoll at Graduation (available for purchase)
  • Gives you a head start on pursuing Graduation With Leadership Distinction through USC Connect

To be eligible to join the ranks of the Capstone Scholars Fellows, a student must:

  1. Excel in their studies by maintaining a 3.5 cumulative USC institutional GPA*
  2. Meet with their assigned Capstone Consultant each semester
  3. Actively participate in one service event each semester
  4. Select and pursue a personal challenge each semester
  5. Complete UNIV 101, ENCP 101, ENCP 105, or BMEN 101 with a “B” or better
  6. Be in good judicial standing with the University
  7. Interact with diverse perspectives, potentially through your residential community, multicultural events, or international events.
  8. Engage with faculty at least once by utilizing the Out to Lunch program (not a staff member, or U101 instructor).
  9. Demonstrate involvement in the broader USC community by being an active member of a student organization.
  10. Be involved in the Capstone Scholars Program by attending one additional Capstone Scholars event per academic year.
  11. Complete the Graduation with Leadership Distinction online orientation and register for at least one pathway.
  12. Participate in one of the following high impact practices for at least a semester:
  13. Present your beyond the classroom experience at the Capstone Scholars Colloquium the following Fall*

While a Scholar has freedom to complete most of these tasks on their own time, they must complete the following steps by the dates below:

  1. Register your intent to become a Capstone Scholars Fellow before November 15th of your sophomore year. At this time, you will also submit:
    • Be in good standing with the program by completing all Capstone Scholars semester requirements before the assigned deadline each semester.
    • Complete UNIV 101, ENCP 101, ENCP 105, or BMEN 105 with a “B” or better (#5)
    • A “selfie” of you and others at a student organization event, with the title of the organization clearly visible (#9)
    • The name of the faculty person with whom you went Out To Lunch, for verification with the student success center (#8)
  2. Complete the Capstone Scholars Fellows application April 15th of your sophomore year, at which point you will submit:
    • Agreement for a judicial conduct review (#6)
    • A description of how your diverse interaction affected your perspective (#7)
    • The Graduation with Leadership Distinction pathway for which you registered (#11)
    • Your completed, or in-progress high impact practice (#12)
    • The Capstone Scholars Staff will independently check:
      • Your cumulative institutional grade point average (#1)
      • Your program involvement and timeliness (#2, #3, #4, and #10)

If a student misses a semester requirement deadline, they automatically become ineligible to become a Capstone Scholars Fellow.

*denotes exceptions for current 2nd year Capstone Scholars: required GPA is 3.0 and Colloquium is not required