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Check out the Capstone virtual tour HERE as well as the Capstone Fellows House at 820 Henderson virtual tour HERE.

1st year Capstone Scholars are strongly encouraged to live in Capstone House, a suite style residence hall located in the north area of campus. Many Capstone Scholars events take place in Capstone House, which is a wonderful social environment. The Capstone Scholars program also works closely with the Capstone House Hall Government to co-sponsor a variety of events. Located in Capstone House is Gibbes Bistro, one of many dining locations on campus. Each Wednesday, Capstone Scholars staff enjoys lunch with the Capstone Scholars at an event called "Hickey Bites."

2nd year Capstone Scholars are encouraged to remain in Capstone House. Housing priority for 2nd year Capstone Scholars is based on a point system. Capstone Scholars earn points for attending all Capstone Scholars events, earning a good GPA, studying abroad, applying for the research grants, poster presentation at Discovery Day, being a leader in a student organization, internships, etc. More information concerning the point system can be found under HERE.

Capstone Scholars Fellows are eligible to apply for the Fellows House at 820 Henderson for their junior and senior year.

NathalieNathalie Turenne
Residence Life Coordinator, Capstone

Nathalie serves as the Residence Life Coordinator of Capstone House, supervising a staff of 16 Resident Mentors and one graduate student who serves as the Assistant Residence Life Coordinator. Committed to supporting academic and personal growth of USC students, Capstone House is a residential community that primarily houses first-year students with opportunities for learning and engagement of each floor.

A native of the state of Florida, Nathalie received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in health education from the University of Florida. During her time at Florida, Nathalie also worked as a Graduate Hall Director for an on-campus residential community, focusing on sustainability and global learning initiatives. She has also spent time working for and volunteering with several adolescent driven organizations including PACE Center for Girls of Gainesville, FL and the Boys and Girls Club of Alachua County.

Nathalie’s professional interests include health education, service learning, and student advocacy. Her personal interests include volunteering, mentoring at risk youth, reading, and spending time with family.

Austin SAustin Solheim
Floor 2
Johns Creek, GA


Francine Tamakloe
Floor 3
Greenville, SC

Lauren Y

Lauren Yarberough
Floor 4
Gilbert, SC

Brandon M

Brandon Martin
Floor 5
Greenville, SC
Marketing & Management

Jason T

Jason Thomas
Floor 6
Greenville, SC
Biomedical Pre-Pharmaceutical

Julien N

Julien Nguyen
Floor 7
Myrtle Beach, SC

Katie W

Katie Williams
Floor 8
Greenville, SC
Marketing & Management

Ashley M

Ashley Michelussi
Floor 9
Charlotte, NC
Civil Engineering

Stephanie S

Stephanie Shealy
Floor 10
San Diego, CA


Rohan Rajeev
Floor 11
Apex, NC
GSCOM/Business Management/Marketing

Ali M

Ali McGaha
Floor 12
Clarksville, TN
Nursing & Marketing

Tyler B

Tyler Baird
Floor 13
Summerville, SC
Mechanical Engineering

Kelsey WKelsey Williams
Floor 14
Greenville, SC

Walter BWalter Brandsema
Floor 15
Greenlawn, NY
Biomedical Engineering

Connor BConnor Brunson
Floor 16
Bristol, TN
Public Health/Pre-Med

Danielle BDanielle Barefoot
Floor 17 and Fellows House at 820 Henderson
Greenwood, SC
Exercise Science