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As a Capstone Scholar you have agreed to actively engage in the activities sponsored by the Capstone Scholars Program and its partnering offices. To remain in good standing with the Capstone Scholars Program, there are four expectations that a Capstone Scholar must complete each semester. Those include:

  1. Attending an Academic event (a Capstone Conversation, an advertised Alternative Conversation, or News & Views).
  2. Attending a Social event (a Hot Cookie Friday, 2 Capstone Ambassador events, or other Capstone hosted events).
  3. Complete and REPORT a service experience (Capstone Service Fridays, USC Service Saturdays, Independent/Student Org/Greek philanthropy, etc.) - Verification of some sort (or use this one HERE) will need to be included when they complete this link: Service.
  4. Complete and REPORT a Personal Challenge experience. The link can be found here: Personal Challenge.

    Academic and Social events will be recorded through the card swipe machine and sign-in sheets. Not every event that Capstone hosts is worth a point. Please check the Calendar.

    If you are studying abroad for the Fall or Spring semester, you are still expected to meet the minimum semester expectations. Please contact Assistant Principal Erin Wilson at erin.wilson@sc.edu to make arrangements!