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Moore School announces Page Prize winners




UCLA, Dr. Charles J. Corbett and Dr. Magali Delmas, for the submission “Leaders in Sustainability”: The Leaders in Sustainability (LiS) graduate certificate program is intended for graduate students in any discipline at UCLA to pursue their interests in sustainability. The program takes a multi-disciplinary perspective on sustainability, incorporating economic, environmental and social factors in many areas of business, public policy, public health and natural and social sciences.

Cornell University, Dr. Glen W. S. Dowell, Dr. Stuart L. Hart, Dr. Mark B. Milstein, for the submission “Sustainable Global Enterprise”: This course addresses the impact of overuse of natural resources, inequitable distribution of wealth among and within countries and the possibly irreversible damage to ecosystems and natural systems. It also addresses the role that business can, and must, play in moving to a more sustainable future.


University of Victoria, Dr. Monika I. Winn and Dr. Lorinda R. Rowledge for the submission “Business & Sustainability”: This course educates students on the benefits and challenges of developing more sustainable business strategies and practices, and explores the changing role of business in society and the environment. It introduces students to corporate social responsibility, business and sustainability, sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.

University of Oregon at Eugene, Dr. Michael V. Russo, and his submission “Sustainable Business Development”: This course gives students from varied backgrounds an appreciation of how economic activity impacts the natural environment, how the evolution and role of institutions influence corporate environmental behavior and how firms can have better environmental performance.

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