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Vernon Pryor

Gateway to opportunity

January 31, 2016, Steven Powell

Vernon Pryor came to Carolina through the Gamecock Gateway program, and the sophomore electrical engineering major has since earned a scholarship that covers all of his educational costs until graduation. The Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) scholarship also guarantees him a job as a civilian employee in the Department of Defense for three years after graduation.

children's book

Just a chicken!

January 25, 2016, Brad Muller

Former Gamecock football defensive linemen Langston Moore and Preston Thorne knew all about reading an opposing offensive line. Now they want families to spend more time reading together. To that end, Moore, ’02, and Thorne, ’04, teamed up with fellow USC alumnus Kev Roche, a freelance illustrator, to hatch the Gamecock-themed children’s book “#JustaChicken.”

Photo of Sue Heiney

Thriving while surviving

January 22, 2016, Steven Powell

The College of Nursing’s Cancer Survivorship Center is focused on helping improve life for survivors of every manner of cancer, both in years lived and in the quality of those years. Co-directors Sue Heiney (pictured) and Swann Arp Adams lead a diverse faculty research group that covers the entire trajectory of the disease.

Carolina Day

Improving South Carolina lives

January 22, 2016, Peggy Binette

Ada B. Thomas, for whom the university’s top undergraduate adviser award is named, believed in Carolina and believed in preparing students who would make a difference as leaders in communities across South Carolina. To Dr. Lisa Bishara (’88, ’93) Thomas was more than an adviser. She was her grandmother.

Alysha baratta

A passion for social justice

January 19, 2016, Peggy Binette

Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education.” Four individuals, emboldened by King to ensure social, political and economic equality for all people, were honored by the University of South Carolina for their community service and social justice work at the annual MLK commemoration breakfast.

Permeable concrete

Reducing the runoff

January 13, 2016, Chris Horn

When heavy rain hits hard surfaces like highways or parking lots, the resulting runoff can cause trouble — as it did three months ago during South Carolina’s historic flooding. But what if those hard surfaces allowed some of the water to soak through to the ground underneath? That’s the concept behind civil engineering senior Fedora Nwachukwu’s independent project through the Sustainable Carolina initiative.

SOCO shared work environment

Start me up

January 12, 2016, Chris Horn

Columbia’s start-up culture is getting hotter, and Carolina is helping fan the entrepreneurial flames. Incubating companies is only part of the start-up equation. There’s a thriving entrepreneurial vibe now among students — enrollment in entrepreneurship classes has doubled and membership in the Entrepreneurship Club is at an all-time high — and the university has built an ecosystem on campus to foster that interest.

college of nursing

Q&A with Nursing Dean Andrews

January 11, 2016, April Blake

The University of South Carolina’s online graduate program in nursing started 15 years ago. The curriculum was one of the first online programs the university offered, targeting working nurses who wanted to join the ranks of nurse leaders, conduct research and teach. We sat down with College of Nursing Dean Jeannette Andrews to discuss the program's success and plans for the future.

McCloud troop


January 04, 2016, Glenn Hare

Somewhere in the city, a courageous band of supercharged do-gooders is on a mission: to promote storytelling and put an end to its arch nemesis, illiteracy. Story Squad is the brainchild of media arts alumnus Darion McCloud ('88), aka the Captain.

camden stodden

Learning the language

December 17, 2015

USC’s Speech and Hearing Research Center isn’t located on campus — it’s situated on the second floor of the Keenan Building in downtown Columbia — but step through the center’s glass doors into the reception area and you discover an entire new world.

Photo of Rajeev Bais

A healthy new start

December 10, 2015, Steven Powell

International refugees are one of the most vulnerable populations in the world. New faculty member Rajeev Bais is helping the School of Medicine lead in the effort to ensure that victims of the worst that humanity has to offer can find access to health and wellness programs that will help them rebuild their lives.

Photo of Lauren Dennis and Souvik Sen

Good smile, healthy brain and heart?

December 04, 2015, Steven Powell

Over the past 20 years, medical scientists have developed evidence showing a strong link between gum disease and cardiovascular problems. The School of Medicine’s Souvik Sen is leading a new clinical study, called PREMIERS, that is now enrolling patients throughout the Carolinas to better define just how many strokes, heart attacks, and other devastating cardiovascular events might be prevented with better oral care.

co-eds on the horseshoe circa 1898

Learn something new 'On the Horseshoe'

December 01, 2015, Page Ivey

Elizabeth Cassidy West has been telling and curating the story of the University of South Carolina for more than 15 years as the university’s archivist. But nowhere is the university’s story more clearly told than in the buildings of the Horseshoe, the original campus for South Carolina College and the heart of today’s sprawling downtown Columbia campus.

Subra Bulusu

Eluding pirates with NASCar

November 18, 2015, Steven Powell

Associate professor Subrahmanyam Bulusu is part of an international team collecting hydrographic data in pirate-infested waters to better understand the northern Arabian Sea circulation. Key to the effort, and an essential element of the team’s variant of a widely recognized acronym, NASC-ar, is autonomous research.

All rise

All rise

November 17, 2015, Craig Brandhorst

One Friday a month the University of South Carolina School of Law welcomes 40 of the youngest law students you’ll ever meet. Welcome to the law school’s Constitutional Scholars Pipeline Program, which pairs seventh and eight graders with USC law students who teach them about the law and coach them for a moot court.

Proving ground

The Proving Ground finale searches for 'next big thing'

November 12, 2015, Ore Oluwole

Imagine several teams of aspiring innovators pitching a product or service they believe to be “the next big thing” to a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs before a live audience. On the line is up to $20,000 to make their startup idea a reality. No, you’re not watching an episode of the popular ABC-TV show, “Shark Tank.” It’s the final round of The Proving Ground, the University of South Carolina’s annual entrepreneurial competition.

law school equal justice

Professor tracks African laws affecting women

November 11, 2015

Hailed as a huge victory for women’s rights, the Supreme Court of Uganda made international headlines in August when it ruled the custom of refunding “bride price” unconstitutional. However, Aparna Polavarapu, a law professor and scholar with the University of South Carolina’s Rule of Law Collaborative, says changing that practice will be difficult.

nursing scholarship

The power of nursing

November 10, 2015, Page Ivey

When alumni Earl and Barbara Huitt Lovelace were caring for their aging parents, they saw first-hand how important nurses are to families in need. Now the couple has created a scholarship to help nursing students in need.

Sean Heely

It's all about expression

November 04, 2015, Glenn Hare

Sean Heely transferred to UofSC’s School of Music to continue his violin training under William Terwilliger and to refine his playing of classical composers. He has found that, but also discovered a world of opportunities. “The musical progress I’ve made in classical and my new ventures in bluegrass and Gypsy jazz couldn’t have happened elsewhere,” he says.

Alicia Leeke

Under the microscope

November 03, 2015, Steven Powell

Microscopic creatures come to artistic life in alumna Alicia Leeke’s colorful traveling exhibition. The Columbia-based artist collected and photographed phytoplankton from local waters with the help of professor Tammi Richardson, then created abstract renderings of the micrographs.

Xiaoming Li

Meet new faculty: Xiaoming Li, public health

November 02, 2015

Xiaoming Li is a professor and SmartState Endowed Chair in Translational Clinical Research. He also is director of the South Carolina SmartState Center for Healthcare Quality in Arnold School of Public Health. His research includes HIV behavioral prevention and intervention.

Lost and found

October 27, 2015, Chris Horn

Students often separate education from ‘real life’,” says Irma Van Scoy, director of USC Connect. “We try to help students connect the dots, to understand that the things they do outside of the classroom — service projects, research and internships, for example — can be transformational experiences that dovetail with their formal education.

Steam thermography Myrick Morgan

Steaming out some of luminol's wrinkles

October 23, 2015, Steven Powell

Chemistry professors Micky Myrick and Steve Morgan are developing a potential rival to the storied forensics tool luminol. Their technique, “steam thermography,” combines thermal imaging with a hand steamer to highlight where crime scene investigators need to look more carefully — and it works in some places luminol can’t.

Vicki Vance

Plants could deliver potent anti-tumor agents

October 20, 2015, Chris Horn

In Vicki Vance’s lab, the expression “You are what you eat” might soon take on new meaning. The veteran molecular plant scientist thinks genetically modified plants could become useful weapons in the war against human cancer. To test the idea, she’s turning plants into bio-factories that make tumor-suppressing micro-RNA (miRNA).

Steve Morgan sticky-shed syndrome

Born to run off the reels

October 14, 2015, Steven Powell

Many of the more than 46 million sound recordings archived throughout the U.S. carry the risk of being destroyed during an attempt to digitize them, because magnetic audiotape can deteriorate over time. Chemistry professor Steve Morgan leads a team of researchers developing a means to readily assess the structural condition of magnetic tape, using non-destructive infrared spectroscopy to identify tapes that suffer from ‘sticky-shed syndrome’ and will fall apart on playback.

angela neal

Meet new faculty: Angela Neal, psychology

October 12, 2015

Angela Neal is a new assistant professor of psychology at USC Lancaster. The Ohio native specializes in social psychology, specifically researching the dynamics of romantic relationships.

The anti-lecture comes of age

October 12, 2015, Craig Brandhorst

The so-called "large lecture" has been a part of the undergraduate experience for years, but when you're one of 250 students in a packed auditorium it's easy to feel invisible. English professor David Miller is part of a movement to flip the traditional large lecture on its head and reinvent the student experience in the process.

Tamara Sheldon

Meet new faculty: Tamara Sheldon, economics

September 30, 2015

Tamara Sheldon is a new assistant professor in the economics department at the Darla Moore School of Business. The Boulder, Colo., native is blending her interests in the environment and business to study how the economy affects the environment and how better to provide incentives for sustainability.

CCCR undergraduate research

Opening doors

September 25, 2015, Steven Powell

The words ‘summer’ and ‘vacation’ go together like peanut butter and jelly for a lot of college students, but in the famously hot months the University of South Carolina offers meatier sandwiches than that on its academic menu. This summer the university’s Center for Colon Cancer Research brought undergraduates from around the country into a brand-new biomedical research experience.

theatre 99

Funny on the fly

September 23, 2015, Glenn Hare

For 20 years, Theatre 99 has been the epicenter of improvisational theatre in Charleston, attracting a cross-section of the city looking for something “edgy” to do on date night. The attic-turned-bare-bones theater above a Meeting Street bicycle shop is also where you’ll find Greg Tavares and Brandy Sullivan, both 1991 University of South Carolina theater graduates, making people laugh three nights a week.

rebecca nagel

Art is power

September 20, 2015, Glenn Hare

There are no music stands in Rooms 106 at the School of Music. There’s no podium either. What you will find are spaces for brainstorming and planning — whiteboards and corkboards, flip charts and Post-it notes, books on finance and leadership. And just in case there’s a need play out those ideas, the room has a seven-foot Baldwin piano.

Xuemei Sui

Holding back time

September 18, 2015, Steven Powell

Exercise has a reputation for doing a body good, and some Carolina research recently showed just how far even a little bit goes. Xuemei Sui of the Arnold School of Public Health led a research team that showed that staying in shape can keep the heart and circulation young, slowing — by some 15 to 20 years — the natural process that causes cholesterol levels to rise with age.

Hollings scholars

Tops in the nation, again

September 04, 2015, Steven Powell

Watching their teams climb in the rankings is a cherished pastime of many Gamecocks, but competitive talent at Carolina is hardly restricted to the sporting life. Over the past several years, the University of South Carolina has been a fixture near or atop the leaderboard in producing Hollings scholars, fielding a group of academic talent that, once again this year, is second to none in the country.

Eliza Allen

Meet new faculty: Eliza Allen, education

September 02, 2015

Eliza Allen is a new assistant professor of elementary education in the College of Education. The Savannah, Ga., native is research better ways to provide equal opportunities for language learning among diverse student populations.


Battle of the Carolinas

August 27, 2015, Peggy Binette

The University of South Carolina will usher in the college football season for the fourth consecutive year Thursday (Sept. 3), when the Gamecocks take on the North Carolina Tar Heels in the inaugural Belk College Kickoff in Charlotte. The season opener, which is set for 6 p.m., marks the 57th meeting on the gridiron for the two Carolina teams and the first time the two teams will battle in Charlotte.

Joan T.A. Gabel

Meet the provost: Joan T.A. Gabel

August 26, 2015

Joan T.A. Gabel began her tenure as the University of South Carolina’s provost this week. We caught up with her to learn a little more about her and her plans for the future.

McNAIR: Imagination takes flight

August 25, 2015, Craig Brandhorst

The University of South Carolina's McNAIR Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, a team of highly accomplished researchers and industry partnerships with manufacturers from around the world. The center's primary mission, however, is education.

Howie Scher

Debut of the global mix-master

August 25, 2015, Steven Powell

Howie Scher led a scientific team that has dated the onset of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current at 30 million years ago. The world’s largest ocean current, the “global mix-master” transports nutrients, heat and salt around the world.

The Savannah runs through it

August 24, 2015, Chris Horn

A cursory reading of the synopsis of “Jacob Jump,” Eric Morris’ just-published first novel, might prompt comparisons with James Dickey’s “Deliverance.” Both stories involve ill-fated boating trips on rivers, but the similarities end there.

Boyd Saunders

Boyd Saunders: A man of many talents

August 20, 2015, Glenn Hare

The McMaster Gallery is exhibiting "Return of the Wanderer." The exhibit features 30 works of art by UofSC emeritus professor Boyd Saunders. The exhibition is on view through Oct 9, and includes lithographs, paintings, etchings, sculptures and drawings.Description

 Every summer the University of South Carolina’s faculty, staff and students travel the world to conduct research, learn about cultures and take on new challenges that can have a big impact. Here’s just a quick look at what some Gamecocks have been up to this summer.

How UofSC spent the summer

August 19, 2015, Liz McCarthy

Every summer the University of South Carolina’s faculty, staff and students travel the world to conduct research, learn about cultures and take on new challenges that can have a big impact. Here’s just a quick look at what some Gamecocks have been up to this summer.

HRSM Dean Haemoon Oh

Running toward excellence

August 17, 2015, Chris Horn

Haemoon Oh, the newly appointed dean in the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, has hit the ground running — in every sense of the word — at Carolina.

Winning by design

August 14, 2015, Kimberly Washington

Coryn Bejema came to the University of South Carolina to play soccer, but it was her talent off the field that has drawn the attention of the campus community lately. Students, faculty and staff might just notice her work across campus this year.

For the first year, other students will be lending a helping hand to get the freshman class settled as a part of the Move-In Crew. In year’s past this duty has fallen solely to faculty and staff members, carrying armfuls of belongings up stairs or on elevators and through hallways.

Students offer open arms to help with move-in

August 13, 2015, Liz McCarthy

For the first year, other students will be lending a helping hand to get the freshman class settled as a part of the Move-In Crew. In year’s past this duty has fallen solely to faculty and staff members, carrying armfuls of belongings up stairs or on elevators and through hallways.

John Eberth

Bypassing failure with a good workout

August 11, 2015, Steven Powell

Competing in a marathon calls for the right training regimen. John Eberth of the School of Medicine and his colleagues are coming up with a vascular conditioning program they hope will help surgeons train bypass grafts for success in the long run.

Spinning negatives into positives

August 11, 2015, Glenn Hare

Sherard Duvall, '01, is a local hip-hop advocate and a founder of Hip-Hop Family Day. He will join other music advocates to discuss the vitality of home-grown music in our state at Folkfabulous 2015 this Saturday on the historic Horseshoe.

Gabrielle Olexa

First-person narrator

August 10, 2015, Chris Horn

In a perfect world, all of Gabrielle Olexa’s neighbors would own cats and drive whisper-quiet electric cars. None of those things happens, of course, which is why Olexa’s budding career as an audio book narrator hits the pause button whenever the noise level spikes outside her home recording studio.