In the News

Professor says Houston’s control of development lagging

(feat. Susan Cutter, geography) —Seattle Times via AP

UofSC professor shows that body-cam video can be deceiving

(feat. Seth Stoughton, law) —NBC Today Show

Professor provides history of Charleston and shrimp

(feat. David Shields, English) —Charleston City Paper

Study reveals fast casual restaurant meals pack in extra calories

(feat. Brie Turner McGrievy, public health) —Daily Mail

Student says international internship enhanced his MBA classroom learning

(feat. International MBA student Justin Chandler) --The Economist

Professor demystifies language surrounding transgender issues

(feat. Deborah Cohan, sociology/Beaufort) —Myrtle Beach Online

Professor discusses Universal’s rank of appeal in Orlando theme parks

(feat. Armen Shaomian, sport and entertainment management) —Orlando Sentinel

UofSC School of Medicine Greenville graduates first class

(feat. Jerry Youkey, SOM-Greenville) --Greenville News

Expert: Water research underfunded

(feat. Susan Richardson, chemistry) —LifeZette

Don’t try to treat snakebites at home, expert warns

(feat. Jill Michels, pharmacy) —WLTX

“UofSC seeks to assist nonprofits with pro bono marketing marathon”

(feat. Karen Mallia, mass communications) --Cola Daily

“Panu officially installed as USCB chancellor”

(feat. Al Panu, Beaufort) --Bluffton Today

“USC’s professional MBA chooses new Charlotte home, plans expansion”

(feat. Peter Brews, business) --Charlotte Business Journal

“Culinary guild gets farmers, chefs back in school”

Expert discusses local produce with farmers, chefs (feat. David Shields, English) --The Charlotte Observer

“Police cameras are a tool. It’s how we use this tool that matters.”

Expert recommends reports before and after viewing police body camera footage (feat. Seth Stoughton, law) --The Washington Post

“Historian, archaeologist to share story behind ‘Island of the Blue Dolphins’”

Professor discusses children’s book that inspired scientific research (feat. Sara Schwebel, English) --Ventura County Star

“USC Aiken gets $55,000 gift to endow chair in engineering”

(feat. Sandra Jordan, chancellor/Aiken) --The Augusta Chronicle

“Community service drives budding engineer”

UofSC civil engineering student finds that community service reinforces career choice --American Society of Civil Engineers

"Clinton and Sanders battle for black votes in South Carolina"

Professor discusses Democratic battle for black votes (feat. Todd Shaw, political science) --PBS

"SC Economy Looking Up in 2016"

Professor discusses SC economic outlook for coming year (feat. Joey von Nessen, economics) --SC Public Radio

"Can sports psychology make you a better parent?"

Expert: Parenting and sports both need measurable goals to feel the win (feat. Eva Monsma, athletic training) --SBS-TV

"Archives reveal history, culture behind African-American mourning"

Caroliniana Library archives reveal history, culture behind African-American mourning (feat. Nathan Saunders, libraries) --Cola Daily

"Irmo native named first USC recipient of Gates Cambridge Scholarship"

Eric Bringley, a senior in the USC Honors College, has been named the first Gamecock to earn a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. feat. Stephen Morgan, chemistry) --Cola Daily

"Against Bullying"

Personal attacks a real problem for philosophy academics, professor says (feat. Justin Weinberg, philosophy) --Inside Higher Ed

"SC college students share political views"

UofSC students discuss presidential primary politics --MSNBC

"In South Carolina, Young Black Voters Could Put Holes In Clinton's Firewall"

UofSC College Democrats preparing to decide what candidate will get their primary vote --NPR

"Five Things to Know about Presidential Contests in South Carolina and Nevada"

Expert discusses how Republican candidates may fare in SC primary (feat. Charles Bierbauer, mass communications) --The Blaze

"What 2 southern Walmarts say about crime in America"

One Walmart can affect entire county’s crime rate, expert says (feat. Scott Wolfe, criminology) --The Charlotte Observer

"Nurse practitioners seek more autonomy"

College of Nursing professor supports bill to expand scope of practice (feat. Stephanie Burgess, nursing) --Columbia Business Monthly

"The Surgeon Will Skype You Now"

Laws for remote surgery mirrors those for driverless cars, professor says (feat. Bryant Walker Smith, law) --Esquire

"Clinton, Sanders now face core of Democratic Party"

“Expert discusses candidate visits in South Carolina (feat. Todd Shaw, political science) --San Francisco Chronicle

"Planning for End-of-life And Palliative Care among African-Americans"

Research examines how African-Americans approach end of life care (feat. Ronit Elk, nursing) --Science Newsline

"After New Hampshire win, Bernie Sanders faces new test with minority voters"

(feat. Robert Oldendick, political science) --USA Today

" South Carolina appeals court's chief judge is newest state Supreme Court justice"

UofSC alumnus appointed SC’s newest Supreme Court justice (feat. John Few, law) --The Augusta Chronicle

"How To Market Yourself Like The Super Bowl"

Expert discusses how Super Bowl ads are designed to have maximum impact (feat. Marianne Bickle, retailing) --Forbes

"Osprey Village hopes 'intentional neighboring' will be a win-win solution"

Planned community of caring can be beneficial for all, professor says (feat. Sue Levkoff, social work) --The Island Packet

"Court Gets Unusually Specific On Police Taser Gun Use"

Professor discusses court ruling on police taser use (feat. Seth Stoughton, law) --NPR

"South China Sea Dispute Compels Washington To Ratify Sea Law – Analysis"

Professor discusses South China Sea Dispute’s effect on Sea Law (feat. James Borton, Walker Institute) --Eurasia Review

"'Ferguson effect' explored in new, sweeping study"

Ferguson effect not impacting crime rates in large cities, expert says (feat. Scott Wolfe, criminology) --University of Colorado

"Ted Cruz won Iowa, but can he win it all?"

Experts talk about what Cruz’ Iowa win means (feat. Robert Oldendick, Kirk Randazzo, political science) --Palm Beach Post

"USC president: Do not pit K-12 against higher education"

President Harris Pastides' remarks during Carolina Day at the State House. --The State

"‘Serial' Defendant Gets Chance to Present Exculpatory Evidence"

Professor discusses new testimonies, hearing following ‘Serial’ podcast (feat. Colin Miller, law) --Bloomberg

"Experts: SC Zika outbreak unlikely, but caution urged"

(feat. Anna-Kathryn Burch, medicine) --The State

"Robert Smalls Helped Advance Society for all South Carolinians"

Professor discusses Robert Smalls’ contributions to SC society (feat. Valinda Littlefield, African American studies) --South Carolina Public Radio

"Local Dietitian Speaks On Body Image and New Barbie's"

New Barbies can help young girls with body image, expert says (feat. Jennifer Barnoud, student health services) --WLTX-TV

"Tweets show Americans support Syria's refugees"

Professor analyzes tweets about Syrian refugees, finds sympathy (feat. Amir Karami, information science) --Baltimore Sun

"What the U.S. Should Be Doing to Protect Intellectual Property"

Professor discusses U.S. intellectual property protection (feat. Michael Murphree, business) --Harvard Business Review

"Even low radiation dose can take toll: scientist"

Professor discusses effects of low doses of radiation (feat. Tim Mousseau, biology) --China Post

"School Desegregation Lawsuit Threatens Charters"

Expert discusses federal desegregation rulings (feat. Derek Black, law) --American Prospect

"4 of the Safest Colleges in the South"

UofSC tops list of safest colleges in the South --Safewise

"Hotels That Don't Miss a Beat"

Expert: Interest in boutique hotels on the rise globally (feat. Simon Hudson, hrsm) --Hotel Executive

"Consulate On Wheels Makes It Easier To Get ID"

Professor discusses importance of mobile consulate in aiding Mexicans in SC (feat. Myriam Torres, public health) --WLTX

"Trove of never-before-seen Marine Corps films to be preserved, shared online"

Rare Marine Corps films from early 1900s to be stored at UofSC’s Moving Image Research Collection (feat. Greg Wilsbacher, MIRC) --Chicago Tribune

"American Jews Ask, #WhatAboutBob?"

Professor discusses Jewish prisoner left behind in Iran (feat. Josef Olmert, political science) --Voice of America

"No, We Won't Be Safer If We All Go Buy Guns. Here's The Data."

Police training in America is part of the problem, expert says (feat. Seth Stoughton, law) --Huffington Post

"What’s Behind the Nutty Law to Register Journalists?"

Expert discusses motivations for political attacks on journalism (feat. Charles Bierbauer, journalism) --The Daily Beast

"USC students serve in honor of MLK holiday"

About 250 student volunteers, along with president Harris Pastides and his wife, Patricia, fanned out across Columbia Saturday. (feat. Harris Pastides, administration) --The State

"Breaking Down The Sixth GOP Presidential Debate"

UofSC deans breaks down sixth GOP presidential debate (feat. Charles Bierbauer, journalism) --Wisconsin Public Radio

"USC has 18th-consecutive semester of a combined 3.0 GPA"

Student athletes have 18th consecutive semester of high GPAs --The State

"Disney's Magic Kingdom ticket prices exceed $100 mark"

Not keeping up with Disney prices sends subtle message, expert says (feat. Scott Smith, tourism) --Home Magazine

"We’ve found the brightest ever supernova but can’t explain it"

Professor discusses possibilities behind brightest supernova ever (feat. Steve Rodney, physics) --New Scientist

"Student Athletes Need an Early Start"

Student athlete hopefuls should begin in ninth grade, admissions dean says (feat. Scott Verzyl, admissions) --Time

"Smoking gun: Kids overexposed to 'cool' cigarettes in their video games"

Expert discusses rise of smoking in video games in early 2000s (feat. James Thrasher, public health) --CNN

"Charleston area home sales forecast rosy for 2016"

Professor discusses rise of home prices in Charleston (feat. Joey von Nessen, economics) --The Post and Courier

"College of Nursing online program receives national acclaim"

The University of South Carolina College of Nursing's online graduate program has been named the top online nursing graduate program by U.S. News and World Report. (feat. Jeannette Andrews, nursing) --The Daily Gamecock

"A different path: USC grad to spend 2016 serving around the world"

Kelly Wisner will take part in the World Race, a nonprofit ministry which sends people to serve in 11 countries in 11 months. --Cola Daily

"How Students Protested Dining-Hall Food in an Honor Culture"

UofSC students participated in The Great Biscuit Rebellion of 1852 --The Atlantic

"Do you recognize this mystery plant?"

Professor discusses mysterious plant that flourishes in humid, wet conditions (feat. John Nelson, biology) --Savannah Now

"What Your Doctor's Body Language Is Really Telling You"

Study examines impact race has on physician, patient’s body language at office visits (feat. G. Paul Eleazer, medicine) --MSN

"Tamir Rice’s Death Resulted From 'Officer-Created Jeopardy.' So Why Were No Officers Indicted?"

Professor discusses police tactics in Tamir Rice case (feat. Geoffrey Alpert, criminology) --Slate

"8 Reasons You Can't Stop Coughing"

Bronchitis can be a reason for excessive coughing, doctor says (feat. Brandi Newsome, medicine) --Men’s Health

"Field Peas, a Southern Good Luck Charm"

Professor discusses variety of flavors in field peas (feat. David Shields, English) --New York Times

"Flood recovery will stimulate state’s 2016 economy"

(feat. Joey Von Nessen, economics) --The State

"California’s New Self-Driving Car Rules Are Great for Texas"

(feat.Bryant Walker Smith, law)

"Baltimore Wrestles With the Way Forward After a Mistrial"

(feat. Geoff Alpert, criminology) --The New York Times

"First predicted supernova caught in the act"

Professor discusses predicted supernova image caught on camera (feat. Steve Rodney, physics and astronomy) --The Weather Network

"University of South Carolina Protects Flagship Campus with Rave Guardian App"

(feat. Teena Gooding, law enforcement and safety) --Yahoo

"NFL owner McNair pledges $8 million for new USC institute"

Robert McNair has pledged $8 million to start a new institute at his alma mater, the University of South Carolina, to teach students about social-demographic changes that could affect their jobs. (feat. Peter Brews, business) --The State

"Being overweight won’t necessarily make you unhealthy, but feeling bad about it will"

Even short-lived dissatisfaction with weight can cause issues later, professor says (feat. Christine Blake, public health) --Quartz

"Joe Riley puts faith in learning from history — all of it — in speech to USC graduates"

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley gave the commencement speech Monday to about 2,000 students graduating from the University of South Carolina. --The Post and Courier

"Economists: South Carolina finally back from Great Recession"

University of South Carolina economists Doug Woodward and Joseph Von Nessen are predicting the state’s economy to grow by nearly 3 percent in 2016. --The Post and Courier

"Were deputies justified in using deadly force in Lynwood shooting?"

Professor discusses use of force in Lynwood shooting (feat. Geoffrey Alpert, criminology) --Los Angeles Times

"Nurses are looking for more power to practice"

Nurse practitioners and doctors are currently debating how much a nurse can do without the supervision of a physician. feat. Stephanie Burgess, nursing) --WLTX

"How saying outrageous or provocative things can activate your full worth"

Expert: Saying provocative things can be morally praiseworthy (feat. Shannon Bowen, journalism) --PR Week

"Trump cites shaky survey in call to ban Muslims from entering US"

(feat. Robert Oldendick, political science) --Politifact

"USC a leader in improving minority graduation rates"

The University of South Carolina in Columbia was recently recognized by The Education Trust as one of 26 universities that have made the largest gains in the past decade to close the graduation gap between minority and white students. (feat. Dennis Pruitt, student affairs) --Greenville News