In the News

"Ignite to feature Wordless News creator, other Columbia entrepreneurs"

Entrepreneurial contest inspires community, UofSC students in start up pursuits --Free Times

"Fukushima radiation still poisoning insects"

Expert discusses Japanese group's findings on radiation tainted insects (feat. Tim Mousseau, biology) --Science

"Businesses reporting rising healthcare costs"

Study finds that heathcare costs are rising for employers, employees --WLTX-TV

"Keeping sorghum syrup tradition alive in South Carolina"

UofSC food historian has a hand in passing on SC sorghum syrup tradition (feat. David Shields, English) --Post and Courier

"Christie to test presidential waters in SC"

(feat. Mark Tompkins, political science) --Wall Street Journal ($)

"Why To Exercise Today, For Men: High Blood Pressure Hits Much Later"

(feat. Xuemei Sui, public health) --NPR Boston

"USC professor named to 2020 Mars mission team"

(feat. Mike Angel, chemistry) --WIS-TV

"Constitution Day"

UofSC historian gives appreciation to fluid language in Constitution (feat. Fritz Hamer, South Caroliniana Library) --WFXB-TV

"USC law school dean: $80M building a launching point"

(feat. Robert, Wilcox, law) --Columbia Regional Business Report

"By the numbers: search NIH grant data by institution"

UofSC among institutions that have received notable increases in NIH grant funding --NPR

"Author Simms still teaching"

Editorial: UofSC Libraries project digitizes work of author Simms --Post and Courier

"Chick-fil-A icon's death signals fast-food shift"

Millennials not looking for parent's fast food experience, professor says (feat. Robin DiPietro, HRSM) --USA Today

"SC business update from John 'SwampFox' Warner"

Federal investment in USC Technology Incubator anticipated to make significant economic impact --SC ETV Radio

"Oklahoma's public schools are starting the year in legal limbo"

Professor discusses unconstitutional threats being used against Oklahoma schools (feat. Derek Black, law) --Washington Post

"SEC symposium Q&A with Dr. Russ Pate"

UofSC to host symposium highlighting research in obesity issues (feat. Russ Pate, public health) --SEC Sports

"Key factor in police shootings: 'reasonable fear'"

Professor discusses analysis of reasonable fear in police activities (feat. Geoffrey Alpert, criminology) --New York Times

"Graying of SC prisons will cost state's taxpayers"

Housing aging prisoners comes at high cost to taxpayers, professor says (feat. John Burrow, criminology) --The State

"Players, leagues benefitting from sports injury study"

Study suggests quality coaching lessens injury risks (feat. Jim Mensch, athletic training) --The State

"How social media has turned us into war monsters"

Professor discusses how people act on Facebook regarding controversial opinions (feat. Mo Jang, mass communications) --Huffington Post

"Learning to overcome distance"

UofSC's Palmetto College one option for non-traditional students --Greenville Journal

"William C. Hubbard of South Carolina new president of American Bar Association"

Alumnus, board member sworn into top position for American Bar Association --The Times and Democrat

"The bros who love My Little Pony"

Researcher finds that adult fans of cartoon isn't what's expected (feat. Patrick Edwards, psychology) --The Atlantic

"Universal's partnership with Legendary films may help shape theme parks"

Entertainment powerhouses partnership is a smart strategy, professor says (feat. Armen Shaomian, sport and entertainment management) --Orlando Sentinel

"Panel: improving rural education is key to helping poor communities"

University president speaks to importance of rural education opportunities (feat. Harris Pastides) --Post and Courier

"USC aerospace research"

McNair Center to house research center for continuation of space exploration from SC --WIS-TV

"NCAA concussion settlement criticized for what it lacks"

Athletic safety case is moving forward, needs more work (feat. Richard Southall, sports management) --USA Today

"$1.1 million law school gift to foster public service, leadership"

Law school gift to begin new fellowship, scholar program (feat. Robert Wilcox, law) --Florence Morning News

"Incubator partners with Google"

Google partnership will provide new tools to UofSC startup entrepreneurs --Columbia Regional Business Report

"10 habits I've picked up while studying in America"

Exchange student picked up American customs during her year at UofSC --The Guardian

"Kannapolis native to compete in Miss World pageant"

UofSC alumna to compete in Miss World pageant --Charlotte Observer

"Grant funds students' World Cup experience"

Student uses Magellan Grant to experience World Cup, and learn too --Daily Gamecock

"Spicing up Columbia's dining scene"

Professor, chef discuss people's desire for fresh dining options (feat. Neal Smoak, Joel Reynolds, McCutcheon House) --The State

"Program hosts international students"

HRSM gives students from China and Curacao full UofSC experience (feat. Brian Mihalik, HRSM) --Daily Gamecock

"Exhibit tackles South Carolina's first fruit tree nursery"

McKissick Museum exhibit features first fruit tree nursery --Post and Courier

"Israel and Hamas-between bad and worse options"

Professor discusses current events in Middle East (feat. Josef Olmert, English) --Huffington Post

"Homicide charges likely in Baruch College fraternity retreat case"

Expert: Computer animations used in cases must meet certain criteria (feat. Colin Miller, law) --New York Times

"You can delete, but you can't forget"

Study: Inability to permanently remove digital files makes grieving harder (feat. Evan Meaney, media arts) --The Atlantic

"Theme parks get creative to help visitors beat heat"

Expert: Small investments pay off to keep customers comfortable (feat. Scott Smith, tourism) --Orlando Sentinel

"US Marine Cpl William Carpenter receives Medal of Honor"

Marine, Gamecock receives Medal of Honor --BBC

"10 activities to improve yourself - and the Columbia community"

Extended University offers foreign languages courses to public --The State

"Free Times 50: The power issue 2014"

UofSC faculty, staff, leadership continues to influence city --Free Times

"Fowler: marriage equality's time has come"

Op-ed: parallels in marriage equality cases from past and present are clear (feat. Don Fowler, political science) --The State

"Did the Black Death have a silver lining?"

Professor discusses plague that killed many but left healthiest behind (feat. Sharon DeWitte, anthropology) --Charlotte Observer

"Planned Christie trips test politics of a 2016 bid"

South Carolinians may not warm up to confrontational candidate (feat. Mark Tompkins, political science) --Wall Street Journal

"Medal of Honor: the Kyle Carpenter story"

UofSC student honored by President Obama with military award --WLTX-TV

"How moms became a force corporate American can't ignore"

Mothers find success as consumer activists, professor says (feat. Larry Glickman, history) --Huffington Post

"Extinct Fox Species With Supersharp Teeth Discovered in Tibet"

(feat. Adam Hartstone-Rose, medicine) --National Geographic

"Conductors raise their batons at USC this week"

Conductors Institute offers guest faculty for students, and public viewings --The State

"Black in the Dominican Republic: denying blackness"

Professor discusses racial and cultural identity in Latin countries (feat. Kimberly Eison Simmons, Honors College) --Huffington Post Live

"Groundnut cakes were once 'Charleston's greatest charm'"

(feat. David Shields, English) --Post and Courier

"Professional MBA program at USC celebrates forty years of service to South Carolina"

PMBA program has allowed working adults to pursue higher education for 40 years (feat. Tim Carroll, business) --SCETV Radio

"People don't fear hurricanes with female names"

Female named storms causing more deaths just coincidence, professor says (feat. Susan Cutter, geography) --New York Post

"South Carolina's ban on Election Day liquor sales may go the way of Prohibition"

Old law rooted in corrupt Prohibition era voting process, professor says (feat. Jay Richardson, history) --New York Times

"Hitting the number one rank"

Honors College is number one in country (feat. Steve Lynn, honors college) --Columbia Metropolitan Magazine

"Author, poet Maya Angelou dies"

Professor remembers, life, legacy of African American poet (feat. Nikki Finney, English) --Wall Street Journal

"Many smokers are unaware of these tobacco truths"

Study: Realities of tobacco industry motivate people to quit (feat. James Hardin, public health) --Huffington Post

"Patents granted for CO2-based allergen removal technique"

Professor receives patent for sterilization method to help allergy sufferers (feat. Mike Matthews, chemical engineering)

"Marine vet who took grenade blast for comrade to receive Medal of Honor"

UofSC student, retired Marine is Medal of Honor recipient --CNN

"Conroy lends name, fame and heart to USC Press's new Story River Books"

SC author to serve as editor for new division (feat. Jonathon Haupt, USC Press) --The State

"Hunting app sets sight on explosive growth"

Alum developing app signals city, university as technological incubator --The State

"U.S. youth activity report card gives poor grades to adults"

Expert: Internet, cars keep children sedentary for half their waking hours (feat. Russ Pate, exercise science) --Reuters

"Why integration matters in schools"

Op-ed by law professor on positive outcomes in integrated schools (feat. Derek Black, law) --Education Week

"Vice President in South Carolina"

Biden delivered speech to 2014 graduates --WBTV (Charlotte)

"Scheyett: military members deserve more than 'thank you'"

Dean addresses need for mental health care for members of armed forces (feat. Anna Scheyett) --The State

"South Carolina Book Festival highlights"

Celebration of reading includes USC authors --Free Times

"Second trip though SC law school graduation ceremony seemed destined"

Baby went to law classes with mother in 1990 graduates with own law degree --The State

"The global police force that isn't"

Professor discusses practicality of formation of Interpol (feat. Mathie Deflem, sociology) --The Atlantic

"The Most Desirable College in Each State"

UofSC listed as most desirable college in SC --Business Insider

"The medieval Black Death made you healthier- if you survived"

Ironic benefit to plague was a more robust population, study shows (feat. Sharon DeWitte, anthropology) --Time

"New studies offer evidence of the mind and body benefits of yoga"

School of Medicine conducts studies on effects of yoga in middle schoolers --FOX News