In the News

“SC college grad job outlook best in years”

Survey says over half of UofSC May graduates finding jobs right away (feat. Thomas Halasz, career center) --The State

“Indiana community’s HIV outbreak a warning to rural America”

Expert discusses how rural areas can become overlooked by public health agencies (feat. Jan Probst, health service policy and management) --USA Today

“Saving the sweetest watermelon the South has ever known”

Author, professor had hand in reviving nearly extinct Southern produce (feat. David Shields, English) --NPR

“Editorial: S.C. should invest now in higher education”

Increasing output of educated workers will fill state’s need in coming years (feat. Doug Woodward and Joey von Nessen, economics) --Greenville News

“Fewer complains filed against police officers, but review is mixed”

Many factors play into fewer police complaints, professor says (feat. Seth Stoughton, law) --Wall Street Journal

“Carnival strategy chief bets that big data will optimize prices”

Professor discusses cruise line’s use of data analytics to increase revenue (feat. Mark Ferguson, business) --Wall Street Journal

“Teeny-weeny Starbucks opens in NYC”

Starbucks Express options sound like good idea to hospitality expert (feat. Robin Dipietro, HRSM) --USA Today

“10 things you can do to live to be 100”

Study shows diminished returns for runners who go the distance --Huffington Post

“Would you like to ride in a car that drives itself?”

Expert discusses legality of hands-free driving technology (feat. Bryant Walker Smith, law) --New York Times

“Why health coverage alone won’t solve addiction”

Lack of capacity will prevent patients from getting care despite expanded access, professor says (feat. Christina Andrews, social work) --Marketplace

“USC exercise science professor honored with top national award”

(feat. Russell Pate, exercise science) --Midlands Biz

“What to do when kids curse”

Children act out to fill a need, doctor says (feat. Emily Lowell, medicine) --Parents

“Many law school graduates struggle in job market”

Dean: legal slump not as bad in S.C. (feat. Robert Wilcox, law) --The State

“Prevent student loans from wrecking your health”

Study links stress increase to student loan debt (feat. Katrina Walsemann, public health) --Huffington Post

“Should police investigate themselves in shootings?”

Expert: Midsize police departments often investigate own officers (feat. Seth Stoughton, law) --Charlotte Observer

“Bank deal was two years in the making”

Professor discusses bank mergers and the reasons behind them (feat. Allen Berger, finance) --Greenville News

“In U.S. ISIS cases, informants play a big role”

Professor discusses arrests with possible ISIS involvement (feat. Wadie Said, law) --Wall Street Journal

“Family hopes to prevent more CO deaths”

CO poisoning extremely preventable, professor says (feat. Amber Williams, nursing) --WLTX-TV

“After Walter Scott Shooting, Scrutiny Turns to 2nd Officer”

(feat. Seth Stoughton, Law) --New York Times

“USC pianist receives SEC 2015 Faculty Achievement award”

(feat. Marina Lomazov, music) --Free Times

“Interracial feast returns 19th-century chef Nat Fuller’s legacy to prominence”

Historically significant interracial dinner comes to life with food historian’s inspiration (feat. David Shields, English) --Post and Courier

“How the forgotten music of the civil rights movement was hiding in plain sight”

Gospel music gave African Americans an avenue to express themselves, expert says (feat. Birgitta Johnson, music) --Public Radio International

“Abraham Lincoln “was not yours only”: After the assassination, common citizens around the world mourned the loss”

Professor discusses world’s reaction to Lincoln assassination (feat. Don Doyle, history) --Salon

“Men sport heels in support of sexual assault victims”

UofSC Fraternity Council participates in Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event --WLTX-TV

“Hillary Clinton logo for 2016 presidential campaign riles up internet”

Professor discusses newly unveiled Clinton campaign logo (feat. Keith Kenney, mass communications) --Yahoo News

“Wendy’s jumps on spicy bandwagon”

Professor discusses fast-food’s tactics to stay relevant to Milennials (feat. Robin DiPietro, HRSM) --USA Today

“New podcast coming in ‘Serial’ case”

Law expert, ‘Serial’ blogger involved in next podcast in series (feat. Colin Miller, law) --The Baltimore Sun

“Forest fires threaten new fallout from Chernobyl”

Biologist involved in Chernobyl research examining fire patterns in contaminated areas (feat. Tim Mousseau, biology) --New York Times

“South Carolina police officer charged with murder in shooting of Walter Scott”

Officer shooting in SC underscores importance of body cameras, expert says (feat. Geoffrey Alpert, criminology) --Wall Street Journal

“SC native becomes driven to deny Alzheimer’s disease”

UofSC student motivated to further Alzheimer’s research --The State

“USC College of Nursing”

UofSC College of Nursing led the way for nursing programs (feat. Toriah Caldwell, nursing) --Columbia Metropolitan

“Blood and glory: the Civil War in color”

Professor discusses the smell of battle during Civil War (feat. Mark Smith, history) --History Channel

“The search for America’s best food cities: Charleston, S.C.”

(feat. David Shields, English) --Washington Post

“After Selma, King’s march on ballot boxes”

Professor discusses significance of MLK clip from UofSC’s digital archives (feat. Bobby Donaldson, history) --NPR

“Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has the most ferocious lawyer in America defending him”

UofSC law alumna takes on high profile death-penalty cases --Vanity Fair

“Students kick off sexual assault awareness month”

UofSC students kick off sexual assault awareness month --WLTX-TV

“Ease depression… with red wine?”

Research finds that component in red wine, red grape skins can ease depression, inflammation (feat. Susan Wood, medicine) --Yahoo

“50 reasons we love the South now”

Pat Conroy’s post as editor for UofSC Press a reason to love the South --Garden and Gun

“The revival of lamb ham: a colonial tradition renewed”

Professor revives interest in colonial lamb dish (feat. David Shields, English) --NPR

“Pilot psychology and flight safety”

Panel of experts discuss pilot psychology and flight safety (feat. William Green III, medicine) --Fresh Air

“Exercise, not diet, has most impact on weight as we age”

Study indicates that decline in physical activity largest reason for adult weight gain (feat. Russell Pate, exercise science) --Huffington Post

“USC students honor creed, values, and diversity”

(feat. Erin Kitchell, student affairs) --WLTX-TV

“Women and Gender Studies program celebrates 40 years”

(feat. Alexis Stratton, women’s and gender studies) --Daily Gamecock

“Time to leave federalizing of education behind”

Professor discusses new educational policy requirements (feat. Derek Black, law) --Forbes

“SC business update from John Warner”

New Integrated Information Technology program shows exceptional growth (feat. Bob Brookshire, HRSM) --SC ETV Radio

“Elon wants to make your Tesla drive itself. Is that legal?”

Tesla’s self-driving cars could be kicked off the road, professor says (feat. Bryant Walker Smith, law) --Wired

“Video: Dallas police open fire on schizophrenic man with screwdriver”

Expert discusses issues with body camera usage in controversial Dallas case (feat. Seth Stoughton, law) --CNN

“Historic Nat Fuller Dinner menu released”

First celebrity chefs of Charleston were slaves, immigrants, professor found (feat. David Shields, English) --Charleston City Paper

“How pie got its sweetness”

Food historian explains how pies turned from savory to sweet (feat. Davis Shields, English) --Slate

“Healthier Gamecocks a long-held goal of USC student health center”

(feat. Deborah Beck, Student Health Services) --The State

“We’re asking the wrong question about police shootings”

Law professor suggests correct questions to ask about police shootings (feat. Seth Stoughton) --Washington Post

“Open Book Series brings top writers in multiple genres”

UofSC’s Open Book Series to have wide variety of genres (feat. Elise Blackwell, English) --Free Times

“What to do if you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS”

Researchers haven’t yet found best methods to communicate with PCOS sufferers (feat. Brie Turner-McGrievy, public health) --Huffington Post

“13th annual Southeastern Piano Festival coming to Columbia in June”

UofSC to host annual piano festival, guest artist this summer (feat. Marina Lomazov, music) --Cola Daily

“Modern civil rights movement expands on classic methods”

Social issues like poverty not easily changed with laws, professor says (feat. Patricia Sullivan, history) --LA Times

“The Civil War is not just for Americans”

Book looks at effect Civil War had on other countries (feat. Don Doyle, history) --Daily Beast

“The stench of the Civil War”

Author describes smells of Civil War (feat. Mark Smith, history) --Houston Chronicle ($)

“The speech: preaching to the converts”

Professor discusses Netanyahu’s recent speech (feat. Josef Olmert, English) --Huffington Post

“On LAPD shooting, take a broader view”

Professor discusses use of force in LAPD case (feat. Seth Stoughton, law) --CNN

“President Obama coming to SC puts state in spotlight”

Experts speculate on intent behind Obama’s SC visit (feat. Todd Upshaw, political science; Charles Bierbauer, mass communications) --WJBF-TV

“Will your city get Shakespeare’s First Folio?”

UofSC Libraries to host --Washington Post

"20 under 40: Rising to the challenge"

UofSC alumni top Columbia's 20 under 40 list --The State

"'Love Your Selfie' promotes healthy body image"

(feat. Danielle Koonce, Student Health Services) --WLTX-TV

“’Serial’ truthers are now doxxing women”

Law professor talks sexism in 'Serial' theory blogging (feat. Colin Miller, law) --The Daily Beast

“Employers watch high court case on religious garb”

Law expert discusses high court case on religious discrimination (feat. Joseph Seiner, law) --Wall Street Journal

“Stories with two titles, or why people should maybe just make up their minds”

Professor discusses cyclical trend of dual titles for books, movies (feat. Paula Feldman, English) --LA Weekly

“Beer sales spike as food stamps hit”

Researchers look into trend of beer sales spiking in relation to food stamp distribution (feat. John Gordanier, Orgul Ozturk, business) --Wall Street Journal

“USC: Pilot program testing new pharmacist-physician business model shows promise”

(feat. Bob Davis, pharmacy) --Columbia Regional Business Report

“The outlaw gay art they tried to ban”

Professor discusses provocative exhibit she curates (feat. Jennifer Tyburczy, English) --Daily Beast

“Even during Civil War, high cuisine could be found in Columbia”

Professor discusses fine dining available in Columbia at beginning of Civil War era (feat. David Shields, English) --The State

“Fukushima anniversary: Three years after the disaster, Japanese still do not want nuclear power”

Expert discusses costs and benefits of nuclear energy in Japan (feat. Tim Mousseau, biology) --Huffington Post

“Universal Orlando blocking bottled water”

Universal’s new no water policy mirrors airline policy, professor says (feat. Scott Smith, HRSM) --Orlando Sentinel