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Board of Trustees approves academic programs, other initiatives in February meeting

The University of South Carolina’s Board of Trustees met Friday (Feb. 23) and approved a number of academic initiatives,  as well as advancing a few other projects and new hires. 

Academic approvals

The Board of Trustees approved several additions to academic programs:

  • Bachelor of science (B.S.) in applied sport psychology and counseling.
  • Post-baccalaureate certificate in environmental law and sustainability.
  • Information and Communication Studies at the College of Information and Communications.

The board also approved modifications to other programs on campus:

  • Added Lexington Medical Center site to the nursing program, increasing enrollment from 300 to 400.
  • Curriculum changes to the B.S. in geological sciences.
  • Added concentrations in environmental engineering and numerical methods and computing to the B.S.E. in chemical engineering.
  • Added two concentrations — clinical addiction counseling and career counseling — to the master of arts (M.A.) in counseling and rehabilitation.
  • Curriculum changes and the addition of online delivery for a M.S.W. in social work. 

USC’s board also approved the termination of two programs — A.S. in liberal arts and sciences at Fort Jackson plus a M.N.A. in nurse anesthesia — and approved voluntary separation programs at the School of Medicine Greenville and the College of Information and Communications.

The board approved a program modification at USC Lancaster, adding Atlantic Collegiate Academy as a site for dual enrollment for A.A. and A.S. in general liberal arts and sciences. 

The Board of Trustees approved a proposed budget for 2024-25 of Audit and Advisory Services. 

Other approvals

The board also approved 18 gift namings in Friday's meeting.

The Board of Trustees approved the text for the plaque going on the desegregation monument. The board approved the construction of the monument in September to memorialize the three students who desegregated USC over 60 years ago: Robert G. Anderson, James L. Solomon Jr. and Henrie Monteith Treadwell. 

An employment contract to make Dr. Stephen Cutler the vice president for economic development was approved Friday. Cutler, who will remain the dean of pharmacy, will oversee the Office of Economic Engagement and lead statewide economic development strategies.