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Norma Frizzell

Breakthrough Star: Norma Frizzell

March 24, 2017, Chris Horn

If a key component in a car goes bad, the car won’t go for long. That’s roughly what happens in the human body when mutations and other insults disrupt the mitochondria, the essential energy-making components of human cells. Norma Frizzell has devoted much of her career to understanding how and why mitochondria go haywire and sometimes lead to fatal maladies.

adam reiss

Why the universe is accelerating

January 10, 2017, Chris Horn

Nearly 90 years ago, astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding. Now we know, thanks to research by Adam Riess and other scientists, that this cosmic expansion is speeding up. The Nobel-winning astrophysicist will explain the phenomenon of a faster-expanding universe in a Jan. 17 public lecture at Carolina.

Mindy Castles

A southern connection

January 09, 2017, Chris Horn

Mindy and Jack Castles made Beaufort, S.C., their home in retirement. So when it was time to donate Jack's extensive collection of Civil War documents, USC Beaufort was the natural selection.

inspired teaching

Inspired teaching

January 03, 2017, Chris Horn

Helping faculty members build online and blended courses is only one aspect of the Center for Teaching Excellence, an initiative the university launched 10 years ago as part of a broader effort to enhance student learning by fostering a culture of effective and innovative teaching.

WWII platoon

The day everything changed

December 06, 2016, Chris Horn

Franklin D. Roosevelt called it “a date which will live in infamy” — Dec. 7, 1941, the day Japan attacked the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor, dragging America into a cataclysmic world war and dramatically altering the course of history. For USC students like Jim Pearce, the event had personal ramifications, as the immediate effect of the Sunday morning attack changed the mood on campus from pre-holiday gaiety to frenetic patriotism.

michael dowdy

Expanding the literary canon

October 09, 2016, Chris Horn

For Michael Dowdy, there’s a familiar ring to this year’s political rhetoric about border walls and deportation of Latinos. “Latinos have a different story than most in coming to the United States and a unique perspective on the American dream,” says Dowdy, a recently appointed associate professor whose specialty is Latino literature and poetry.


An insider view

August 17, 2016, Chris Horn

From the start of their medical studies, students in the School of Medicine in Columbia begin learning to use ultrasound, which can image all major organs, as well as joints and blood vessels, at the bedside. It’s one of the school’s distinctions, being the first institution in the nation to integrate ultrasound instruction into all four years of its curriculum.

From left, Carolyn Morris, Christopher Church, Kristen Seay, Cynthia Flinn

Saving Elyse

June 14, 2016, Chris Horn

The Cold Case Project, an initiative in the Children’s Law Center, focuses on a select group of adolescents who have lingered in the S.C. foster system and are at risk for aging out of foster care without achieving legal permanency — that is, without a family. Partnering with DSS and the family courts, Cold Case staff find ways to reunite these at-risk foster children with responsible family members or to match them with a new family. With children’s lives at stake, giving up is not an option.

Ralph White, chemical engineering professor

Research leadership by the numbers

June 08, 2016, Chris Horn

Ralph White’s story could be told in numbers — journal papers published, graduate students who completed their degrees under his tutelage, or years of service as a department chair and dean and mentor and colleague. Or it could be told in international honors. Whatever the case, it's easy to see why he is a recipient of the 2016 Leadership in Research Award.

Harvie Nachlinger

Last call

May 04, 2016, Chris Horn

Carolina is one of the few large public universities that still announces each graduate by name at its commencement ceremonies, even as the number of graduates has increased dramatically in recent years. For Harvie Nachlinger, it’s just a matter of speed and diction to enunciate each student's name.

Florence med school campus

Side by side

April 12, 2016, Chris Horn

It’s probably not a record, but third-year medical student Dustin Rawlinson still marvels at how much experience he got in his recent obstetrics rotation — delivering 20 babies in two weeks. Rawlinson is among the inaugural cohort of M-III students at the School of Medicine’s Florence regional campus, and they and the other M-IIIs are getting a full dose of hands-on learning.

Stranded boat after Hurricane Katrina

Earth, wind and fire

February 15, 2016, Chris Horn

If it's a disaster, whether natural or manmade, the Hazards and Vulnerabilities Research Lab at the University of South Carolina has probably considered the ramifications of it from every angle. It's what they do — studying vulnerability to potential disasters across the U.S. while also interpreting data from past disasters.

Permeable concrete

Reducing the runoff

January 13, 2016, Chris Horn

When heavy rain hits hard surfaces like highways or parking lots, the resulting runoff can cause trouble — as it did three months ago during South Carolina’s historic flooding. But what if those hard surfaces allowed some of the water to soak through to the ground underneath? That’s the concept behind civil engineering senior Fedora Nwachukwu’s independent project through the Sustainable Carolina initiative.

SOCO shared work environment

Start me up

January 12, 2016, Chris Horn

Columbia’s start-up culture is getting hotter, and Carolina is helping fan the entrepreneurial flames. Incubating companies is only part of the start-up equation. There’s a thriving entrepreneurial vibe now among students — enrollment in entrepreneurship classes has doubled and membership in the Entrepreneurship Club is at an all-time high — and the university has built an ecosystem on campus to foster that interest.

Lost and found

October 27, 2015, Chris Horn

Students often separate education from ‘real life’,” says Irma Van Scoy, director of USC Connect. “We try to help students connect the dots, to understand that the things they do outside of the classroom — service projects, research and internships, for example — can be transformational experiences that dovetail with their formal education.

The Savannah runs through it

August 24, 2015, Chris Horn

A cursory reading of the synopsis of “Jacob Jump,” Eric Morris’ just-published first novel, might prompt comparisons with James Dickey’s “Deliverance.” Both stories involve ill-fated boating trips on rivers, but the similarities end there.

HRSM Dean Haemoon Oh

Running toward excellence

August 17, 2015, Chris Horn

Haemoon Oh, the newly appointed dean in the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, has hit the ground running — in every sense of the word — at Carolina.

Gabrielle Olexa

First-person narrator

August 10, 2015, Chris Horn

In a perfect world, all of Gabrielle Olexa’s neighbors would own cats and drive whisper-quiet electric cars. None of those things happens, of course, which is why Olexa’s budding career as an audio book narrator hits the pause button whenever the noise level spikes outside her home recording studio.

Sarah Leverette, a 1943 graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law, enjoyed a long and productive legal career, even serving as the law school's first female faculty member.

Unlocking the law

August 04, 2015, Chris Horn

Sarah Leverette, a 1943 graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law, enjoyed a long and productive legal career, even serving as the law school's first female faculty member. Now the alumna is giving back, establishing a scholarship in memory of her parents and with a memorial gift to the Children's law Center in honor of her colleague Beverly Lovejoy Boyer.

Patti Marinelli and her new Spanish textbook, Conectados

The Spanish Connection

August 03, 2015, Chris Horn

Patti Marinelli has helped create what she thinks is a great textbook and online curriculum for teaching Spanish. But you don’t have to take her word for it. A pilot study conducted at Carolina confirmed that "Conectados” helped students learn to write and speak Spanish better .

Del Maticic, 2015 Honors College graduate

Making order of a classical education

July 27, 2015, Chris Horn

The ancient Greek word "kosmos" has to do with order and achievement — which nicely describes the academic prowess of Del Maticic, a 2015 Classics and history graduate of the Honors College.

Ke Ke Fuller

Keeping Ke Ke's legacy alive

July 17, 2015, Chris Horn

KeKe Fuller was never your average little girl. Instead of a play kitchen, her playroom was set up like a doctor’s office where she wore scrubs and a surgical mask. But all of that precociousness and childhood energy disappeared in 2013.

William Welsh, Critical Languages Scholar

Total immersion

July 13, 2015, Chris Horn

William Welsh is spending the summer in a country he’s never visited before, immersing himself in a language with which he’s had only limited exposure. He couldn’t be happier.

Carli Cochran and Garrett Abernethy


June 29, 2015, Chris Horn

From 55 yards away, a five-inch yellow circle appears miniscule. But that little circle is plenty big enough for archery champions Garrett Abernethy and Carli Cochran, who can consistently drive one arrow after another into the bull's-eye.

Lily Gullion

Game theory

June 22, 2015, Chris Horn

Lily Gullion had a passion for helping children with disabilities when she came to Carolina, and it’s taken the exercise science junior all the way to the Netherlands this summer for an intensive research project.

Bakery items from Silver Spoon Bake Shop

Early to rise

June 15, 2015, Chris Horn

There are two constants in Erin Noble’s life, but she’s not really wild about the first one — waking up every day before 5 a.m. to start the ovens at Silver Spoon Bake Shop.

Coy Gibson, left, and James Armstrong, both '14 graduates of Carolina, on the Way of St. James.

Journey of 500 miles

June 08, 2015, Chris Horn

Coy Gibson and James Armstrong, both 2014 Carolina graduates, are in the middle of a 500-mile journey on foot across northern Spain called El Camino de Santiago or the Way of St. James.

Steven Gantt’s great-grandmother and Bryant White’s grandfather are no longer around — but the commitment they inspired to giving back would make them both proud.

Inspired to give

May 25, 2015, Chris Horn

Steven Gantt’s great-grandmother and Bryant White’s grandfather are no longer around — but the commitment they inspired to giving back would make them both proud.

Melonee Ginn Mattie, 2015 Milken Educator Award

The 'Oscar' winner of Hampton County

May 18, 2015, Chris Horn

There are newer school buildings in more affluent school districts in South Carolina, but Hampton Elementary School has something this year that’s the envy of them all. Her name is Melonee Ginn Mattie, a fifth-grade teacher whose commitment to educational excellence netted her the 2015 Milken Educator Award, the only one given in the Palmetto State.

Brynley Farr, founder of the Columbia-based boutique letterpress printing company ByFarr, adds a vintage touch to modern design.

Better by Farr

May 15, 2015, Chris Horn

Alumni Brynley and Chris Farr are the cofounders ByFarr, a Columbia-based boutique letterpress printing company. The company uses vintage equipment to create modern designs for a variety of clients.

Making manga.

Making manga at Carolina

May 11, 2015, Chris Horn

Along with learning how to tell stories, several of Northrop Davis’ former students are writing the beginning chapters of their own successful careers — in TV, the animation industry and the popular Japanese artform of manga. Their success stems from a mixture of talent and personal mentoring from a professor whose contacts have helped open doors.

James Wilton Holiday

May 04, 2015, Chris Horn

James Wilton Holiday never doubted he would earn a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of South Carolina. Not when he struggled in his first year of studies. Not when a car accident nearly ended his life, and not when he missed three consecutive semesters.

James Wilton Holiday

Engineering a comeback

May 04, 2015, Chris Horn

James Wilton Holiday never doubted he would earn a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of South Carolina. Not when he struggled in his first year of studies. Not when a car accident nearly ended his life, and not when he missed three consecutive semesters.

David Reisman, 2015 Mungo Professor of the Year

The professor is always in

April 29, 2015, Chris Horn

There are professors students find approachable, and then there is David Reisman, a biology professor who seems to embody the word. Little wonder that he was named the 2015 Michael J. Mungo Distinguished Professor of the Year.

Adam Mayer, 2015 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award winner

Snowball's chance

April 24, 2015, Chris Horn

If it weren’t for a rare winter snow in South Carolina four years ago, Adam Mayer would never have come to Carolina. And that would have been a shame because the exercise science major from Wisconsin has had a huge impact on the university — and vice versa.

Amber Williams with carbon monoxide detector

Stopping a silent killer

April 20, 2015, Chris Horn

Amber Williams has painful, personal experience with carbon monoxide poisoning — she lost her 11-year-old nephew and nearly lost her sister-in-law in a deadly incident two years ago. And that's why she's made it her mission to make people more aware of the danger.

Kassandra Solsrud

The road less traveled

April 13, 2015, Chris Horn

Kassandra Solsrud is taking the academic road less traveled in her quest to earn a degree in international business enroute to medical school. Then again, the sophomore from Atlanta, Ga., hasn’t exactly set her sights on a traditional career in medicine.

Jim Pearce

Honoring a son

April 06, 2015, Chris Horn

“If you had to write down the specifications of what you’d expect of a son, he would come as close to meeting them as anyone could,” says Jim Pearce, a 1942 Carolina graduate who endowed a UofSC professorship to memorialize his son Mac, a 1972 Carolina grad. “I like the fact that this professorship will continue to honor Mac for generations to come.”

JamieSue Goodman, CS First project lead

Passion for programming

March 30, 2015, Chris Horn

CS First, created by a Google team in South Carolina, is a curriculum geared for children in grades 4 through 8 that’s organized around themes such as art or game design and includes easy-to-use programming software called Scratch. JameSue Goodman, the project lead, is a 1997 Carolina grad who took her first computer science course in her last semester of college. She finished with a degree in English but a passion for computer programming, a skill she taught herself after graduation. When the company she was working for was acquired by Google in 2011, Goodman transferred to Google’s data center in Berkeley County, S.C., to become the CS First project lead.

Jamie Scott

A business built on sweat

March 24, 2015, Chris Horn

You could say that Jamie Scott has built his business on sweat — his own and his customers’. But there’s a lot more to Jamie Scott Fitness than perspiration, and that’s why the former Gamecock football player has been so successful with his boutique-style gym in Columbia.

Darla Moore

Portrait of a leader

March 22, 2015, Chris Horn

When he began considering a setting for a portrait of University of South Carolina alumna and benefactress Darla Moore, Heimans and Moore both looked to the new building for the business school that bears her name.

Chris Plyler

A career across the campuses

March 16, 2015, Chris Horn

A compass would have been handy for Chris Plyler during his 37-year career at Carolina, which initially took him south to USC Salkehatchie, then west to USC Aiken, east to USC Beaufort, and, finally, north to the flagship campus in Columbia.

Offshore wind turbines

Blowing in the wind

March 09, 2015, Chris Horn

The answer to South Carolina’s quest for renewable energy might be blowing in the wind — about a dozen miles off the coast. The University of South Carolina’s Earth Sciences and Resources Institute (ESRI-SC) is partnering in a study of potential sites for offshore wind turbines that could generate enough electricity to power nearly 6 million homes.

Healthy soil

Spreading the science of healthy soil

March 02, 2015, Chris Horn

Unless you’re a farmer, or just really into dirt, you’re probably not familiar with the YouTube videos Robin “Buz” Kloot has produced for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But Kloot’s work is generating attention from farmers and soil scientists interested in an emerging agricultural practice with dramatic results.

Csilla Farkas

Speaking clearly about cyber security

February 20, 2015, Chris Horn

There is a demand to explain cyber security concepts in a way that is understandable to the general public, says Csilla Farkas, a computer science professor in the College of Engineering and Computing. “We can’t expect business leaders to become cyber security experts, but the experts can learn to express cyber security threats so that business executives can make informed decisions.”

Maggi Miller and Holly Pope

The benefits of belonging

February 16, 2015, Chris Horn

It’s common knowledge that people suffering from addiction and isolation often find healing in recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. The key is meeting regularly and, more importantly, having a willingness to share openly — dynamics that also are at play in many ordinary civic or church groups.

Dr. Fernando Navarro, USC School of Medicine

Minimally invasive, maximally effective

February 03, 2015, Chris Horn

Ruben Galloway dealt with high blood pressure for years, ultimately taking eight medications to try to lower the runaway readings. But with three tiny incisions on Galloway’s back, Dr. Fernando Navarro, a University of South Carolina medical school surgeon, removed a benign tumor on the left adrenal gland, which had been causing Galloway’s uncontrollable blood pressure. With the tumor gone, so, too, were many of Galloway's medical problems.

Natalie Pita

Finding your passion(s)

January 27, 2015, Chris Horn

Like a lot of college students, Natalie Pita believes in finding her passion — but she’s taking a pluralistic approach. “I’m very passionate about everything I get involved with,” says Pita, a sophomore majoring in international business, economics and Spanish and minoring in dance and public relations.

2014 graduate Summer Swindle is on a fast-track career with Festivals of Speed.

Fast-track career

January 12, 2015, Chris Horn

Four months ago, Summer Swindle didn’t know a Bugatti from a Bentley or a Maybach from a McLaren. Now she’s managing events that draw more than 20,000 car enthusiasts to see some of the world’s most exotic automobiles.

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The Omani connection

December 12, 2014, Chris Horn

When Salima Al Masrouri walks across the commencement stage with a master’s in mass communication degree, she’ll join a growing contingent of University of South Carolina graduates who hail from Oman. In fact, Carolina has what might be the largest single group of students from that southwest Asian country who are attending college in the United States.

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House of cards

November 17, 2014, Chris Horn

Using the power of multiplication, a team from Carolina's Department of Mathematics department plans to participate in the making of history this coming spring by building a large, elegant geometrical shape called a Menger sponge. Any spare business cards you might have to donate would be appreciated.

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LOL in the classroom

November 13, 2014, Chris Horn

Research shows that relevant humor in the classroom can help students better remember content, lower their anxiety and even help them see their professors as more competent communicators.

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Barre none

October 27, 2014, Chris Horn

Here’s what you won’t find at Lauren Truslow’s new fitness studio on Rosewood: backbreaking barbells, rows of treadmills or in-your-face personal trainers demanding five more reps.

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Something old, nothing new

October 23, 2014, Chris Horn

Her actions won’t save the planet, but Cynthia Swanson has vowed not to join the global supplychain of junk. In 1998 she vowed to quit buying anything new that she could find used. That includes a washing machine, two refurbished TVs, silverware, dishes, five lamps, three chests of drawers, 72 folding chairs and an Oriental rug.

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Half-century salute

October 13, 2014, Chris Horn

Fred Tollison graduated from Carolina 50 years ago, and he’s been a proud Gamecock ever since. But there was one moment when the prospect of attending Carolina was an occasion for joy — and dismay.

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Learning by doing

September 29, 2014, Chris Horn

Experiential learning is all the rage in higher education, and Karley Vehaun has taken the concept to what might be its highest possible level. The fashion merchandising major has purchased a fashion boutique from her former boss and is set to reopen the story under a new name.

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Buy, sell, Tradeversity

September 22, 2014, Chris Horn

Mike Meyers and a team of fellow business school students are creating an online marketplace for UofSC faculty, staff and students that has already attracted more than 300 student users.

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Gravitational pull

September 15, 2014, Chris Horn

It seemed a sure bet that Sharina Haynes was headed for a doctoral degree in physics. But she experienced a gravitational pull in a different direction that led her to the University of South Carolina's history department.

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Speaking up and being heard

September 08, 2014, Chris Horn

Shen she attended a recent workshop on improving vocal presence in the classroom, computer science and engineering professor Csilla Farkas had two goals in mind: improving her own speaking ability and helping her students improve their presentation skills.

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Third dimension

September 03, 2014, Chris Horn

When Jadeveon Clowney burst through the line and disconnected ball and helmet from Michigan’s Vincent Smith on New Year’s Day 2013, John Carrington got the inspiration to launch Zverse, a 3D printing company that makes collegiate memorabilia.

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Face of the Challenge

August 29, 2014, Chris Horn

Assistant professor of economics Stephen Finger has become the face of ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge on the university's Columbia campus.

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Fathers and families

August 18, 2014, Chris Horn

Patrick Patterson learned the hard way what happens when a dad leaves home. That’s why he’s devoted his career to keeping families together.

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Grease to green fuel

August 11, 2014, Chris Horn

When Joe Renwick came to the USC Columbia Technology Incubator six years ago, he had a simple business idea that required sophisticated technological and marketing prowess to make it work. Renwick got all of that and more from his partnership with the USC Columbia Technology Incubator.

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Encore appearance

August 04, 2014, Chris Horn

Former professor and administrator Jerry Odom spent his entire 43-year career at UofSC. He retired two years ago but returns to campus Aug. 9 to receive an honorary degree.

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The first degree

August 04, 2014, Chris Horn

Carole Sox didn’t set out to make history when she started a Ph.D. program three and a half years ago, but she’ll accomplish that Aug. 9 when she becomes the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management’s first-ever doctoral graduate.