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Cocky finishes 2nd in Capital One Mascot challenge

Thanks for all the votes Gamecocks! You helped Cocky finish second in the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

Cocky's only loss came in the finals against contest winner Red Raider (Texas Tech). Cocky had been the only undefeated mascot at 12-0 heading into the single-elimination playoffs. Competition winners were determined by the number of votes they received online, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Cocky won the competition in 2003.

The winning school gets a $20,000 scholarship to help fund its mascot program. Each of the 2012 Capital One All-America team members receive $5,000 for their university mascot program.

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Schedule, results

  • Week 1: Cocky def. Cosmo (BYU)
  • Week 2: Cocky def. MS Wuf (NC State)
  • Week 3: Cocky def. Cam the Ram (Colorado State)
  • Week 4: Cocky def. YouDee (Delaware)
  • Week 5: Cocky def. Sebastian the Ibis (Miami)
  • Week 6: Cocky def. Mike the Tiger (LSU)
  • Week 7: Cocky def. Wilma Wildcat (Arizona)
  • Week 8: Cocky def. The Duck (Oregon)
  • Week 9: Cocky def. Truman the Tiger (Missouri)
  • Week 10: Cocky def. Testudo (Maryland)
  • Week 11: Cocky def. Wolfie Jr. (Nevada)
  • Week 12: Cocky def. Sparty (Michigan State)


  • Week 13: Cocky def. Sparty (Michigan State)
  • Week 14: Cocky def. Cam the Ram (Colorado State)
  • Finals: Red Raider (Texas Tech) def. Cocky

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