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Move-in/Welcome Week Tip Sheet 2009

University of South Carolina
Move-in/Welcome Week Tip Sheet 2009

University of South Carolina students moving to campus and the start of the academic year offer print and broadcast media good story and visual opportunities. Here’s a glance at what’s new on campus. To coordinate coverage, call Peggy Binette or Margaret Lamb at 803-777-5400.

Honors Residence
For the first time, students in the South Carolina Honors College will have the opportunity to live under one roof. The Honors Residence will open on Move-in, welcoming 537 honors students who will live in suite-style rooms. This “green” residence, the first university building to be designed and built at Gold LEED standards by the U.S. Green Building Council, is more than a place to sleep and study. It is a vibrant learning community, with classrooms on the first floor where honors courses will be taught and with large work spaces throughout the building for students to meet, study and work on projects. To help students and provide additional academic guidance, a staff member of the honors college will live in an apartment in the Honors Residence. Rounding out the amenities is a café and a Starbucks coffee shop.

Flu Preparedness Packages
As the second wave of H1N1 flu is expected this fall, the University of South Carolina has bolstered its flu preparedness efforts, including student awareness and education. As part of this effort, 10,000 flu preparedness packages will be placed in all residence-hall rooms and distributed to students at the Thomson Student Health Center and at the health and safety tent on Greene Street during Move-in on Saturday, Aug. 15. The flu preparedness packages include an educational card about how to recognize flu symptoms, how to protect oneself from getting the flu, information and contact information for what to do if a student has flu symptoms, as well as hand sanitizer, Kleenex and Tylenol. Students will be reminded of this information by flyers posted throughout campus and encouraged to use hand sanitizers, which have been placed all over the campus community.

AT&T wireless
Providing and enhancing campus computing for our students is a priority at Carolina. Later this fall, AT&T will begin providing high-speed wireless broadband Wi-Fi to the university’s campus, encompassing more than 160 buildings and outdoor spaces. To help make accessing the current wireless network easier, we’ve made additional streamlined videos, instructions and support information available online at Students also can bring their laptop or desktop to the I-Care Center for help or service. While staff work to solve each students’ dilemma, students can watch a large-screen TV, listen to music or read in our comfy lounge.

New program launched -- International Business & Chinese Enterprise
The Darla Moore School of Business, known worldwide for its No. 1 ranked (U.S. News & World Report) undergraduate international business program, has launched a new program this fall with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) for students interested in pursuing careers with an emphasis in international business with a China/U.S. focus. The university selected 20 students for the program, which will begin this fall at Carolina. The students will join 20 Chinese students at CUHK next year, with all the students heading back to Carolina for a year of study. Carolina students’ final year will be at the CUHK. The program includes a summer internship in China for Carolina students.

Gamecock Guarantee
Increasing South Carolinians’ access to a high-quality college education is vital to their success and the future of our state. That’s why Carolina launched the Gamecock Guarantee, a need-based financial- and academic-support program to help make attendance at Carolina more affordable—and a South Carolina degree attainable for students from South Carolina who qualify academically. The university guarantees that each eligible student’s tuition and technology fee will be covered for up to four years (students must meet academic, financial and participation criteria). At a minimum, each participant is awarded $2,500 per year. And while all university students have access to an array of programs and services that help bolster their academic achievement, Gamecock Guarantee students benefit from a coordinated network of offerings that enrich their undergraduate experiences.

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