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USC to collaborate with South Korean school

By Jeff Stensland,, 803-777-3686

Adding to its growing portfolio of international partnerships, the University of South Carolina entered into an agreement with South Korea’s Woosuk University Monday that will lay the groundwork for increased academic collaboration.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) allows the schools to pursue joint research activities, develop student exchange initiatives, enhance faculty and staff collaborations, and participate in special academic seminars.

USC President Harris Pastides was joined by Woosuk University President Kang Chul-Kyu and other school officials at Monday's signing ceremony at USC's Columbia campus. Pastides said today’s global environment makes international education agreements important for faculty and students alike.

"We live in an increasingly small world and recognize that the breakthroughs that our societies need are unlikely to come from expertise in any one nation, or in any one university," Pastides said.

One early area of potential collabortaion is fuel cell and other energy technology. South Korea must import much of its energy and is increasing its use of renewable fuels.   

Woosuk University was founded in 1979 and has eight colleges and 57 academic departments. USC has agreements, both  MOUs and student exchange programs, with academic institutions in 46 different countries.

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