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Valeska Gioia,
SC Department of Education AT Specialist
SC Assistive Technology Program,
Resource Room,
Poplar Building, Midlands Center,
8301 Farrow Road,
Columbia, SC

Registration Note:

When registering for a training please send the following information to the AT Specialist listed for the specific training:

1. Name/email/contact number
2. District/Position
3. Training Title & Date

All of these workshops are free of charge.

Microsoft 7 Accessibility

Date: May 2, 2012
Time: 9:00 – 11:00am

Learn how Microsoft 7 has improved their accessibility options with a totally interactive speech recognition program, an on-screen keyboard with several input methods and an improved magnification system.  We will also review how other accessibility options can improve learning and computer access for students and demonstrate how to set up Microsoft accessibility options for individual students or for the entire class.

Register for the Microsoft 7 Accessibility workshop online

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If you cannot or would rather not use the online registration form, use one of the following options to register. Make sure to include which workshop you wish to attend:

  • Option 1: Email Will McCain at Will.McCain@uscmed.sc.edu
  • Option 2: Call Will McCain at (803) 935-5004 or 800-915-4522.
  • Option 3: Fax your registration information to (803) 935-5342. Please include your name, organization, address, email address, phone

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