Youth Leadership Forum

L-R: Lydia Durham, SCATP Administrative Assistant, Matthew Hastings, YLF Delegate, Carol Page, SCATP Program Director

SC Assistive Technology Program staff members provide technical assistance to the South Carolina Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) along with other state and local partners including the SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department. YLF is an annual career leadership program for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities and leadership potential. The students learn community and academic resources, career options and resources that can help them face challenges that arise in successfully completing school and transitioning into post-secondary education or jobs and becoming participating members of their communities. The participants attend a three-day workshop with a wide variety of leadership-building activities. These include team-building exercises on a ropes course, mock voting on accessible voting machines courtesy of a representative of the Helping Americans Vote Act, and a mentor lunch in which the students meet and consult with professionals in their fields of interest. Speakers who have a disability or work with students or adults with disabilities provide insight and key information to the students about transition into higher education or the workforce.

SCATP staff members provide technical assistance throughout the year in planning leadership training events and developing employment-related skill-building activities in a manner that is meaningful and accessible to students with various disabilities.

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