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For Faculty and Staff

This portal is designed to provide resources for the College of HRSM’s faculty and staff with IT and communication ticketing systems and a link to USC’s gateway for all faculty and staff.

College Mission, Vision and Goals


The College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management (HRSM) will prepare future leaders and scholars in its respective fields by providing exemplary integrative and experiential academic preparation for students in a collaborative environment that promotes seminal and applied research and service projects with peer institutions, global colleagues, and industry partners.


The College of HRSM prepares leaders and scholars who drive the economic engines of SC, the nation and the world.


  1. Move the college into a new facility that supports and reflects our vision and mission and to subsequently improve the economic sustainability, recognition and visibility of the College's students, alumni, faculty and research.
  2. Develop and improve graduate and undergraduate curricula while valuing and supporting diversity in the College's student body, faculty and staff.
  3. Increase the College's applied research activities, sponsored funding and publication record.
  4. Develop and expand international involvement with comparable institutions and businesses for faculty and students.
  5. Provide service and outreach efforts to our respective professions, the State of South Carolina, nation and global communities.