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Office of Access and Opportunity

Campus Gathering Spaces

2020 Revision holds the further establishment of campus gathering places celebrating the university’s multicultural history and, when enacted, a state-of-the-art Multicultural Center in the new university student union that can serve as a gathering place for diverse students and facilitate diversity education.

We hold the further establishment of on-campus gathering places celebrating the multicultural history of the university through the development of the Woodrow court and when enacted, the new university student union which includes a Multicultural Center to serve as a gathering place for diverse students, facilitates diversity education and incorporates high functioning state-of-the-art technological systems and educational tools.

Strategies/Action Plan

  • Creation of a multicultural center as a part of a new student center; and exploration of development of the Woodrow Court
  • Student Affairs is exploring options for relocating the Intersection Lounge in the Russell House to a more central location. 
  • Creation of the Woodrow Court Committee to examine uses for the space and solicit feedback/ideas
    • Timeline: Completed
    • Who is responsible: Student Affairs
  • Increase prayer spaces on campus and update website that lists on and off-campus prayer spaces.
  • Student Affairs is hiring a researcher to study, design, and implement updates the African American Experiences at UofSC Wall in the Russell House Student Union.  
    • Timeline: Ongoing (possible ribbon cutting Aug 2021)
    • Who is responsible: Russell House Advisory Board/Student Affairs
    • UofSC Foundation has allocated $30,000 in one-time funding to update and expand the African-American Experiences at UofSC wall.

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