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Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics


The University of South Carolina employs a systematic assessment process that directs and guides decision-making, strategic planning, program evaluation, and improvement across the University.  In other words, we expect academic programs and professional units to not only participate in assessment and report results periodically, but also to make changes that improve programs in areas including but not limited to assessment, curriculum design processes, and delivery of educational programs and services.  Each unit uses a variety of measures to determine the extent to which its outcomes are achieved.  Please use the links below to learn how assessment activities drive program improvement.

Don't know where to start?  Choose an area to explore:

The University of South Carolina Columbia requires its academic programs to assess student learning.  Programs are asked to establish student learning outcomes and evaluate the performance of their students against those outcomes. Visit the Academic Program Assessment homepage.

The general education curriculum for all undergraduate students is expressed in the University’s Carolina Core. The assessment of the Carolina Core is collectively managed by faculty, the Office of the Provost, and OIRAA. Visit OIRAA’s Carolina Core Assessment Resources homepage for detailed information on assessing the learning outcomes of the Carolina Core.

Experience by Design, USC's new QEP, emphasizes students' reflections on quality beyond the classroom experiences originating from curricula and co-curricular environments to advance students' understanding of experiences in the context of personal, professional, and academic goals.

Assessment of the QEP is coordinated by the Center for Integrative Experiential Learning (CIEL). Visit the QEP Homepage to learn more about our new QEP.

USC's Planning, Assessment, and Innovation Council (PAIC) is comprised of professionals within the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support to deliver and document student learning associated with student involvement in educationally purposeful support and enrichment programs. Visit the Student Affairs website to learn more about their development, revision, and continuous improvement processes.

USC’s online academic assessment management system, the Assessment Plan Composer, is designed to guide individuals who are developing an academic assessment plan for their unit.  A user's access rights to this system are assigned by the OIRAA.  For instructions on how to get started with APC, check out our Quick Start Guide.



On-Campus Assessment Support

The Center for Teaching Excellence inspires excellence and innovation in teaching. They create and provide programming, resources, and opportunities that foster innovative and effective pedagogical practices among all who teach at USC. Visit their website to explore opportunities to expand your assessment experience. 

The Office of Academic Programs coordinates development, revision, and termination of degree programs for the USC system.  Learn more about program and course approval processes, review processes, and requirements for online learning by visiting their website


Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics

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