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Faculty Credentials for SACSCOC

What is the Faculty Roster?

The Faculty Roster is a comprehensive list of everyone teaching at the University of South Carolina--even if it is just one course--and includes a summary of each instructor's credentials and a list of taught courses. The Faculty Roster includes everyone: tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, non-tenured appointments, and adjunct/part-time instructors.

Who is responsible for the information in the Faculty Roster?

We all share a common goal: ensure that the qualifications of our instructors are readily available and up-to-date. To do this, our human resources team uploads an official transcript to our online credential system every time a new instructor is hired (regardless of position or tenure status). Each unit is required to keep copies of original transcripts on file and maintain documentation of licensures, certifications, and alternative credentials in Compliance Assist.

OIRAA produces the Faculty Roster each semester using data submitted by human resource managers located in our departments, colleges, and schools.

How do I know if someone is qualified to teach at UofSC?

While SACSCOC has published a set of guidelines regarding instructor qualifications, the University of South Carolina has its own set of policies and procedures related to instructor qualifications. These policies are outlined in detail in ACAF 1.20.

As a rule of thumb, anyone teaching a course on the undergraduate level should have at least a Master's degree in the teaching discipline. Anyone teaching on the post-graduate level should have a terminal degree (usually a PhD) in the teaching discipline.


Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics

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