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Office of the Vice President for Research

2020 RISE Grants Fund Summer Research by UofSC System Faculty

Each year, the Office of the Vice President for Research awards Research Initiative for Summer Engagement, or RISE grants to faculty from UofSC’s comprehensive institutions and Palmetto College campuses to pursue meritorious research projects during the summer months. This year, 32 faculty members were selected by a committee of their peers across the university to receive 2020 RISE grants through a competitive process.

The Office of the Vice President for Research is proud to congratulate all of the 2020 RISE recipients. RISE funding is supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research with generous contributions from the chancellors at the four-year comprehensive institutions, USC Aiken, USC Beaufort and USC Upstate.

Read more about the RISE Grant Program.


2020 Comprehensive Institution RISE Recipients

Recipient Name Project Title College
Brown, Alaina Publication of a Research-Based Activity for use in a Physical Chemistry Active Learning Classroom Upstate
Cheng, Jack The Impact of Uncertainty on Business Dynamism Across the U.S. States Upstate
Dinger, Michael IT Role Embeddedness and the Professionalism of IT Workers Upstate
Egbue, Ona An Online Optimization Approach for Vehicle-to-Grid Systems Upstate
Harris, Scott Shrinking Solutions: How Concentrated Policies Exacerbate the Democratic Deficit Upstate
Herzberg, Tina Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Hands-on Training on the New STEM Braille Code for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments Upstate
James, Timothy Corruption and Troop Strength in Mexico's Army, 1884-1904 Beaufort
Liu, Shuang "Just One More Rep": Using Fitness Apps and Competition to Motivate Performance and Evaluate Deception Upstate
Marshall, Nicholas Development of an initiator for the surface-initiated Kumada polymerization reaction (SI-KCTP) Aiken
Miller, Kristi Impact of Patient Safety Curriculum on Student Patient Safety Attitudes and NCLEX Pass Rates. Upstate
Mueller, Rebecca Beaumont Mill Village Teacher Workshop Upstate
Nag, Anita Proteomic Analyses of SARS Coronavirus Protein nsp1 to Investigate Its Host Shutoff Mechanism Upstate
Omoike, Anselm Enhancing Degradation of Bisphenol A (BPA) by Unactivated Peroxymonosulfate: Impact of Chloride Ions and Natural Organic Matter Upstate
Pazda, Adam Exploring how the chroma and lightness content of visual imagery relates to emotions Aiken
Placek, Matthew Social Media Use and Regime Support Among Opposition Partisans and Non-Partisans in Russia Upstate
Ramsted, Kristina Leveraging Bioinformatics for increased power in genomic analyses of American wood storks Aiken
Rowe, Gerard Computational Studies of the CO2 Reactivity of a Series of Copper(I) Pyridylamidate Complexes Aiken
Stolz, Nolan The Emergence of Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock in Black Sabbath's Music from 1969 to 1971 Upstate
Tanner, Scott Gene Expression Analysis of Multidrug Resistance Gene Deficient Intestinal Cells during Wound Healing Upsate
Wade, Julie State Affect and IT Usage Upstate
Zhao, Liang Developing a Secure Decentralized Data Analytics Framework for the Internet of Things Upstate
Zhong, Wei Using Multi-level Generative Adversarial Networks to Improve Security and Robustness of Deep Learning Frameworks for Malware Detection Upstate

2020 Palmetto College Campus RISE Recipients


Recipient Name Project Title Campus
Berry, Marybeth On the Spectrum Lancaster
Cai, Li Initial Investigation on the Effects of H2S-Releasing Wound Dressing on Acceleration of Burn Wound Healing Lancaster
Dangerfield, David Hard Pressed: Free People of Color in Rural Antebellum South Carolina Salkehatchie
Grob, Kristina Embodied Irony: An Emotional Genealogy of American Second-Wave Feminist Beauvoir Scholarship Sumter
Miller, Sarah Watching Over the Ruin: The people and their stories from the Pon Pon Chapel of Ease cemetery Salkehatchie
Ngwane, Fidele A novel time series model for drought prediction: South Carolina Case Study Salkehatchie
Rack, Melissa "'Which even of sweetness sweetest sweet'ner art?:' Paulus Melissus and Neo-Catullan basia in Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophel and Stella." Salkehatchie
Sellhorst, Sarah Perceptions of Undergraduate Research Participation: A Look at the Faculty Perspective  Lancaster
Sixta Rinehart, Christine Confederate Brothers in Arms: The Quattlebaum Family of South Carolina Union
Steward, Rodney William Woods Holden and the Rise of Civil War Era Populism Salkehatchie


21 February 2020

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