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Special Events


A well-executed event may appear effortless, but it is often the culmination of weeks of advance consideration and effort.

Planning an On-Campus Event

Calendar and Space Reservations

The university utilizes 25Live, an online calendar and space reservations system. Log on to 25Live using your USC network username and password to search for spaces by size, location or availability and reserve on-campus rooms or venues.

Events Serving Alcohol

In compliance with the University of South Carolina Alcohol Policy [pdf], there are several requirements that must be completed through Substance Abuse Prevention and Education before being permitted to serve alcohol at a campus event.

  1. Attend an Alcohol Policy Training Workshop.
  2. Complete the Event Registration Form.

Beverage Amounts

A staff member from Substance Abuse Prevention and Education will calculate beverage amounts using the Beverage Amounts Worksheet [Excel] and return your form to you once it has been approved so that you may provide your vendor with beverage amounts.

Planning Timeline

These planning guidelines can help you orchestrate a successful event.

Select and confirm key event bookings:

  • Reserve venue or space
  • Caterer
  • Entertainment
  • Parking

Prepare initial guest list to determine number of invitations needed.

Send invitations to Printing Services to be printed.

Address, stuff and stamp invitations.

Mail invitations.

Response deadline. Review acceptance list and send follow-up emails or make calls as required.

Provide caterer with a tentative headcount.

Prepare finalized printed materials such as menu cards, table tents, place cards and nametags.

Provide final guest count/guarantee to caterer.

Send out acceptance list, bios, program information and other materials to planning committee and special guests/presenters.

If you haven't already, print any remaining materials such as nametags and menu cards.

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