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Substance Abuse Prevention and Education

  • Gamecocks Talk 420 Edition talking points

Gamecocks Talk: 420 Edition

Hello and welcome, Gamecocks! This semester we are talking about cannabis. If you do not use cannabis, awesome, most of our students are in the same boat. If you do use cannabis, there is nothing wrong with that. Either way, our goal is to provide accurate information and strategies that continue to promote a healthy Carolina community.

The Norms

Most UofSC student do not use cannabis. 80% report not using in the last month. If that seems inaccurate, take a moment to reevaluate why you may think that. Are you basing your beliefs on a small social group and generalizing out? It is very easy to assume "everyone" is doing something we have only directly witnessed a few participating in.

Source: ACHA-NCHA 2021, n=1217, 61% response rate


Cannabis can impair cognition, attention, reaction, and psychomotor contol. Therefore, it is recommended to wait at least 6 hours before driving after use, especially smoking. When taking edibles, wait even longer as those effects can be delayed in their onset.

Mental Health

Despite popular belief, there is no scientific research that supports cannabis use is helpful in reducing mental health concerns. In fact,  frequent cannabis use is shown to increase heart rate and blood pressure, contribute to poor sleep, and worsen anxiety and depression.

Take a Tolerance Break

Three weeks is all it takes to reset and restore some balance. This online guide can help you through the 21 days needed for most, if not all, of the THC to leave your system. While three weeks may not seem like a long time, some find it difficult and the T-Break guide can help keep you on track and stay encouraged. If you are interested in quitting completely, keep the break going. If not, return to use with a lower tolerance, increased balance, and maybe even a little extra money saved.

Hardcopies available. Simply email the SAPE office.

Take an Assessment

These interactive web surveys offer insight into your behavior and the things that influence your decisions so that you can be the best advocate for your own well-being. Both are free and completely anonymous. If you are interested in talking with someone afterwards, save your results and email the SAPE office.


Complete the e-Toke survey from e-CheckUpToGo and you will receive a personalized report to help you assess your cannabis use behavior. 

ScreenU Cannabis

Take an anonymous assessment to gain insight into your behaviors, potential risks, and motivation to change. Be sure to get all the way to the Thank You screen to make sure you are finished.




Substance Abuse Prevention and Education

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