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Scholarships are a great way to be recognized for your hard work and help make your education more affordable. 


Apply for Scholarships

All accepted, readmitted and current students can apply for scholarships. You can find applications  at your high school guidance office or the USCU Student Affairs Office.

First year college students will be evaluated on

  • high school grade point average
  • class rank
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • rigor of academic program
  • scholarship criteria

All other student (continuing, transfer and readmit) scholarships will be evaluated based on

  • college grade point average
  • cumulative hours earned
  • scholarship criteria


The scholarship priority deadline is March 1st and secondary deadline is May 15th. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.


Scholarship recipients will be evaluated and selected by the USCU Financial Affairs Committee. Every applicant will be notified committee results by mail, no later than mid-June.

Available Scholarships and Awards

The University reserves the right to make changes to the scholarship program based upon donor participation and availability of funds. When you fill out a scholarship application at your high school guidance office or at  USCU Student Affairs Office, you'll be automatically considered for all the following scholarships.

Along with the scholarships listed below, USC Union also offers two scholarships that are special to our campus and community! The Union County Community Scholarship Program is for Union County residents that have recently graduated from Union County High School, Union County Adult Ed, Union Christian Day School, or an approved Union County Home School Program in the previous academic year. The USCU First Responder Scholarship is available to all first responders who attend classes at USC Union or USC Union Laurens Location. The recipient must be employed as a first responder and be in uniform or other duty attire while attending classes at USC Union or USC Union Laurens Location.

Scholarship Description
Alverson Scholarship (Endowed) Awarded annually to a new or continuing USCU student.
B.P.O. DOES Drove #148 Awarded annually to one male and one female who are new incoming freshman.
Beverly Denton (Endowed) Awarded annually to incoming student with a 3.0 GPA or higher.
Burchill Richardson (Endowed) Awarded annually to freshman or continuing students with academic merit.
Clara Bell Harvey (Endowed) Awarded annually to a student of good character and has a grade point average of no less than a 2.5.
Commencement Speaker Awarded annually in honor of the commencement speaker. This award is based on outstanding academic performance in high school or college.
Edna & Mildred Hope (Endowed) Awarded annually to an incoming or returning USCU student.
Eleanora & Henry Richardson (Endowed) Awarded annually to a freshman or continuing student who is a resident of Union County and has community service and academic merit.
Elizabeth Barrett & David H. Whitener (Endowed) Awarded annually to an incoming student on the basis of academic merit.
Ellis & Maie From (Endowed) Awarded annually to a student from the Union service area with no less than a 2.50 GPA.
Cleo Everhart Graham (Endowed) Union County resident, 2nd year student with a 3.0 or higher.
Israel & Bertha From (Endowed) Awarded annually to an incoming freshman from Union High School in the top 10% of their senior class.
Jack & Nonie Flynn (Endowed) Awarded annually to a USCU student based on student academics.
Laurens County Future Scholarship For a Laurens County resident.
Michael J. Mungo (Endowed) Awarded annually to a student with academic merit.
Newton Family (Endowed) Awarded annually to an incoming or continuing student based on academic need.
Palmetto Bank (Endowed) Awarded annually to two students from Laurens County attending either USCU or USCU at Laurens.
Paul Jeter Awarded annually to an incoming or continuing student majoring in education.
Sallie Crocker Garner (Endowed) Awarded annually to a Union County Resident with academic merit.
Switzer-Wise (Endowed) Awarded annually to second year USCU students who are Union County residents and have academic merit.
T.D. Truluck (Endowed) Awarded annually to a Union County resident who is attending USCU full time.
Union County Tuition Scholarship For a Union County resident.
Union Jaycees (Endowed) Awarded annually to an incoming freshmen with academic excellence, community service and involved in extracurricular activities while in high school.
Union Mental Health (Endowed) Awarded annually to a USCU student with an interest in the Social & Behavioral Sciences. Preference will be given to a student accepted into the BAIS Program or a continuing USCU student with a minimum 3.0 GPA.
USCU Faculty & Staff Scholarship (Endowed) Awarded annually to an incoming undergraduate student on the basis of high school record and college board scores.
USCU Partnership Scholarship (Endowed) Awarded annually to top academic students.
USCU First Responder Scholarship For a first responder.
Virgil Randolph Hawkins (Endowed) Awarded annually to a Union County Resident with academic merit and community service.
William J. Whitener (Endowed) Awarded annually to an incoming freshman on the basis of academic merit.
William J. and Martha Whitener (Endowed) Awarded annually to incoming freshman based on academic merit.
George Washington Vaughan (Endowed) Preference to students from Whitmire, then preference from elsewhere in Newberry or Union Counties.
Irwin & Heidi From (Endowed) Awarded to a student from Union County.
Dawn & Bill Taylor (Endowed) Awarded to a student in the USCU Palmetto College program, BLS or BOL with 3.0 or higher GPA.
Dr. Denise Shaw (Endowed) First priority is a declared English major.
Dr. Gilbert S. Guinn (Endowed) Awarded to a student based on strong academic merit.
Dr. John T. Wright (Endowed) Awarded to a new or incoming student with major or minor in the humanities.
Union/Laurens CHE Awarded to good academic students
June & Wilbur Smith Awarded to a student with 3.0 GPA or higher and education major.
DL Scurry  Awarded to a student with strong academic performance.
Robert and Loretta Warr (Endowed) Awarded to a Union resident, non-traditional Palmetto College student with a 3.0 or higher.
Maureen Bauer Catalano (Endowed) Freshman or sophomore student enrolled in the Union Nursing program.
Harry and Edith From (Endowed) USC Union student that has graduated from a Union County High School, demonstrating academic proficiency, and need for financial assistance.
Chester Healthcare (Endowed) For residents of Chester County majoring in a health related profession.
Rotary Club of Union Rotaract student, Union resident, GPA of 3.0, and involved in community service.
Grace Revels and Mia Stokes Memorial USC Union female athlete with a 3.0 GPA 
Kendra Owens Memorial Union County resident and community service oriented.
New Horizon Realty Union County resident with a 30. GPA and expresses financial need.