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Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Staff , 2023-2024 Adjuncts 864-424-8061
Staff Adams, Teresa Business Office Assistant 864-424-8089
Faculty Anderson, Joe Instructor of Mathematics 864-424-8025
Faculty Ashmore, Gale Instructor of Spanish 864-424-8015
Staff Atkinson, Taylor Library Director 864-427-7140 Union County Carnegie Library
Faculty Aziz, Majdouline Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Associate Professor of Sociology 864-424-8046
Faculty Bailey, Greta Sanders Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8064
Staff Ballington, Keith Director of Operations 864-424-8013
Staff Birchfield, Kevin Assistant Softball Coach 910- 534-5748 Athletics
Staff Black, Jeremy IT Director 864-424-8081
Staff Black, Tanja Bookstore Manager 864-424-8080
Faculty Camp, Rod Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8061
Faculty Charles, Allan Professor Emeritus Professor of History 864-424-8035
Staff Coone, Cameron Laurens Site Coordinator Bass Fishing Coach 864-426-4864 Athletics
Faculty Covan, Monica , MSN, RN Nursing Instructor 864-424-8023 Nursing
Faculty Craig, Tracey Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8061
Staff Cromer, Nikki Administrative Specialist 864-424-8071 Academic Affairs
Staff Curlee, Marc Men's Soccer Coach 864-444-1709 Athletics
Staff Eaves, Stacey Assistant Bookstore Manager 864-424-8065
Staff Edwards, Lynn , RN-MSN Nurse Administrator 864-424-8030 Nursing
Faculty Fouts, Avery M. Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies 864-424-8063
Staff Graham, Janet Facilities Assistant 864-681-1456
Staff Greer, Brad Enrollment Director Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8039
Staff Gregory, Mike Campus Security 864-424-8086
Staff Gregory, Tony Campus Health and Safety/Security Director 864-424-8000
Faculty Hance, Neill Adjunct Instructor
Staff Holcombe, Bobby Financial Aid Director Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8024
Faculty Hudson, David Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8083
Faculty Hudson, Deborah Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8034
Staff Ivey, Amber Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant 864-424-8061 Academic Affairs
Faculty Ivey, Randall Senior Instructor English 864-424-8057
Staff Jackson, Caden Success Center Coordinator 864-424-8040
Staff Jeter, Nick IT Support 864-424-8068
Staff Jett, Susan Human Resources Director 864-424-8027
Faculty Johnson, Tekla Assistant Professor of African American Studies 864-424-8043
Faculty Kettler, Andrew Assistant Professor of History 864-424-8047
Staff Kitchens, Ada Dual Enrollment Coordinator 864-424-8042 Admissions Office
Faculty Klik, Kathleen Assistant Professor of Psychology 864-424-8028
Staff Lawson, Donald "Ducky" Maintenance Director 864-424-8020
Faculty Lipsey, Gene "Doc" Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8061
Faculty Lowe, Steve Professor of History and Director of Liberal Studies and Organizational Leadership 803-777-0588 USC Union and Palmetto College Columbia
Faculty Lowell, Randy Campus Dean Professor of Psychology 864-424-8019
Faculty Lownes, Steve Associate Professor of World Languages Campus Coordinator for Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning 864-424-8021
Staff Mayes, Christen Assistant Director of Financial Aid 864-424-8062 Financial Aid
Staff Mayfield, Carolyn Custodian 864-424-8020
Staff McCarley, Abby Administrative Assistant 864-424-8011
Staff McKnight, Annastacia Head Volleyball Coach 864-429-6087 Athletic Department
Faculty Mitra, David Instructor of Mathematics 864-424-8041
Faculty Morris, Lee Assistant Professor of Biology 864-424-8094
Staff Moss, Gil Golf Coach 864-981-0982 Athletics
Staff Moss, Payton IT Support 864-424-8054
Staff Nall, Chris Assistant Baseball Coach 864-380-6100 Athletics
Faculty Oliver, Coronicca Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8061
Staff Owens, Allen Maintenance Assistant 864-424-8020
Staff Petty, Macy Public Relations & Development Assistant 864-424-8017
Staff Phillips, Christopher Assistant Soccer Coach Athletics
Faculty Phillips-Long, Sandy Instructor of Biology 864-424-8016
Faculty Pinnell, Courtney, RN, MSN, CEN Nursing Faculty 864-424-8053 Nursing
Faculty Pisano, Andrew Associate Professor of English Writing Center Coordinator 864-424-8073 Academic Affairs
Staff Queen, Amy Administrative Assistant 864-424-8056 Student Affairs
Faculty Rivers, Jacob, Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor in English 864-424-8061
Staff Roberson, Kristie Director of Budget & Finance 864-424-8029
Staff Royce, William Women's Softball Coach 803-406-1698 Athletic Department
Faculty Schafer, Emily Associate Professor of Psychology 864-424-8058
Staff Sherbert, Paige Rifle Team Coach 864-426-0783
Staff Simmons , Zach Athletic Director Men’s Soccer Coach 864-762-0039 Athletic Department
Faculty Simpson, Brandon Disabilities Coordinator Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8060
Faculty Sixta-Rinehart, Christine Director of Academic Program Assessment (Palmetto College) Professor of Political Science (USC Union) 864-762-0025
Staff Smith, Annie Director of Marketing and Development 864-424-8055
Faculty Smith, Barbara Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8061
Staff Smith, Eddie Maintenance Assistant 864-424-8020
Staff Solesbee, Annalee Wyatt Bursar Student Accounts Manager 864-424-8044
Staff Stancil, Micah Baseball Coach 864-590-7084 baseball, stancil, bantam baseball Athletic Department
Faculty Ulmer, Jason Chad Adjunct Instructor
Staff Wendel, Travis Operations & Marketing Assistant Tutor 864-424-8074 Marketing
Staff Whitney, Anita Student Activities Coordinator Assistant Volleyball Coach 864-424-8018 Student Affairs
Staff Wilson, Blake Registrar 864-424-8022
Faculty Wilson, Caroline Adjunct Instructor
Staff Wilson, Sarah Library Technology Coordinator 864-426-3101 IT
Faculty Windsor, Kim Adjunct Instructor